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Friday, June 15, 2007

Dynasty?? Thank god the NBA finals is over

I am overjoyed that the NBA finals are over. This series was a JOKE! LeBron James was over matched by Tony Parker, Tim Duncan, and the rest of the Spurs. LeBron is NOT-JORDAN or even close to a Jordan impostor. This series was AWFUL! Radio broadcasters would got paid to watch this series, stated "It was hard to watch!" The NBA needs to do something to improve the Finals because right now their FINALS SUCK! ESPN now can show something besides Tim Legler and Greg Anthony all day thank god! PHEW ( I can calm down now) I shall get to the real purpose of this blog.

Are the SPURS a Dynasty?

I have a bias belief having grown up loving the Bulls during their 6 titles. I do not feel that the Spurs are dynasty for the following reasons. The 4 titles in 9 years for the Spurs means their a great team, but a not Dynasty! Dynasty are teams that dominate decades and win multiples titles for a long period of time. The Bulls of the 90's won 6 in 8 years, if the team would have stayed together I have no doubt it would have been 10 in 10 years. The Celtics Won 10 NBA titles in 11 years. The Bulls 0f the 90's and the Celtics teams of the 60's were Dynasties.

During the Spurs "Dynasty", the Lakers won three NBA titles, the Heat won one and so did the Pistons. Too many other teams won during the Spurs Dynasty to consider their championship run a Dynasty. Also the SPURS never WENT BACK TO BACK! The SPURS never won two titles in a row! The Celtics won 10 in a row and the Bulls won three in a row twice!

Another point is that the Spurs did not even make the finals some years. The Heat beat the Mavs not the Spurs. The Pistons beat the Lakers. If the Lakers would have beat the Pistons, there would be no Spurs "dynasty". We would be talking about a Lakers Dynasty which would have been 4 titles in 5 years.

Who did the Spurs play? In 1999, they played the Knicks who were lead by Allen Houston Latrell Sprewell with no inside presence. In 2002-2003, they played the Nets would won at EASY Eastern Conference. In 2004-2005, They slugged it out with a GOOD but not great Pistons Team and this year beat a young LeBron James.

The Spurs are a great team but NOT A DYNASTY!


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