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Thursday, June 14, 2007

A new Marhsall is in in Town

Last year, Sean Marshall made the Cubs straight out of spring training. He was very good in the Cactus league with an ERA near 0.00. Sean's Cactus league success did not translate to major league success. Sean was also plagued with hip and arm injuries. He had two extended stays on the DL last year.

We flash forward to this season. A few weeks ago(a guess) Sweet Lou floated the notion of placing Ryan Dempster in the rotation. The rotation was floundering and Lou wanted a change. Jim Hendry pleaded with Lou to not do that and recall Marshall instead. Marshall has been VERY GOOD this year. Marshall did not make the rotation out of spring training because of an arm injury. Marshall has given a quality start (6 inning and less than 3 runs) in all his 6 starts this season. Jim Hendry finally got a move right with the rotation.

Did you notice who was catching for Marshall last night? Koy Hill was catching last night and will be for the next few days. Barrett could be on his way out of town. The fight with Zambrano and discussion with Rich Hill has made Barrett a target for the media. According to a local radio host on ESPN 1000, Nobody wants Barrett to catch for them. If Barrett is to be run out of town, the Cubs would lose a bat and a leader of their team.

Remember just three years ago, this was Mr. Clutch and the leader of the Cubs. The Cubs then choked and lost the wild card. That was the last time the Cubs sniffed the playoffs. If Barrett is run out of town, could he please take Jacques Jones with him??


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