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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Jump for JOY???

Last night, I watched the shuttle and the space station orbit the Earth. It was very interesting to see something like that. I did not watch the Cubs game last night because I was upset with the Cubs for trading Michael Barrett. I also must confess my girlfriend was at my house and she doesn't like to watch the Cubs on TV. I missed Sammy Sosa do his little hop for his 600th home run. I have heard that the Rangers fans cheers like they had witnessed all 600 home runs. I think that the Rangers just have nothing to cheer about anymore because their team is AWFUL. They however did beat the Cubs last night.

Sammy is now in very elite company becoming NUMBER 5 on the all time home run list and the 5th guy ever to hit 600. I doubt many Chicagoans were jumping for JOY. Now that Sammy hit 600, will he get into the hall of fame? If he does will he go in as a CUB? Those are some questions to ponder.

The Cubs made some other headlines by trading Michael Barrett to the San Diego Padres. They got two no-name players in the deal. Rob Bowen is the centerpiece of the deal and he is a career backup catcher. Now we hear that ROB is no better defensively than Michael Barrett. I think the Cubs lost in this deal and just ran a guy out of town for a reason that is hidden behind the scenes.

The deal should have included JOSH BARD from the Padres. Josh Bard is a above average catcher and can hit! He is the everyday catcher for the Padres right now. The Padres lucked in getting Bard when the RED SOX needed Doug Mirabeli back to catch Wakefield. It was Bard for Mirabeli in that trade. If the Cubs would have gotten Bard the catcher problem would have been solved for a long time to come. Now we are stuck with Koye Hill and Rob Bowen.

I also heard on talk radio that Jacques Jones was supposed to be included in the deal but the Padres nixed that idea. DUH!!! NOBODY WANTS JONES, HE IS A BUM!!

We shall see if the deal works out in the long run. We can expect more trades to come in the future from Chicago. These trades will come out of the SOUTH SIDE!


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