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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Chicago has gone INSANE

Insane in the Membrane... Those are the words in the Crypus hill song, that seems to have became the "song" of the 2007 Chicago Cubs. My thoughts on the song is WHY NOT! The Cubs are playing insanely good baseball of as late.

The reason this team is insane is because of its - to steal a line from the Sox- "grinder" players Mike Fontenot, Ryan Theroit, Koye Hill, and Mark Derosa. These guys can manufacture runs with their plate discipline, legs, and INSANE attitude. The Cubs are now a mix of speed and power. That is a difference from Cubs teams of the past who were just built on the home run.

My point was made today when the Cubs outscored the Giants 9-8 today WITHOUT a home run. The Cubs team of 2007 can beat with hit & runs, sacrifice bunts, stolen bases, great pitching, and timely hitting, something that has been missing from Cubs teams for a very long time.

The Cubs are ALMOST a blueprint of the 2005 White Sox. The White Sox of 2005 had "grinder" players, they could steal bases, lay down sacrifice bunts, and GREAT pitching. After the 2005 season, the Sox took a page from the Cubs playbook and built themselves around the home run.

I would say that building a team around the home run is a bad idea, Jim Hendry learned his lesson and Kenny Williams is now learning his.

.....Insane in the Brain...


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