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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Big man found?

The Bulls have been in need of post scoring presence for the last several years. John Paxson has started his search for an inside presence. Paxson has been exploring trade options for an inside scorer. The trade front so far has been dormant. Paxson has turned his attention to the free agent market for a inside presence.

Chris Mihm and Joe Smith are the first two candidates for the inside presence. Chris Mihm will always be remembered for his HORRID dancing during the Lakers championship celebration. Chris Mihm averaged 10 points per game in 2006. Chris Mihm spent last year out of basketball because of an injury. That is a red flag for me on Mihm. Joe Smith played the Sixers and scored 8.5 points per game. Joe Smith is 31 years old, but is a priority of the Sixers to resign.

The guy who appeals to me, is DARKO MILICIC. Darko was a restricted free agent of the Orlando Magic. That was until the Orlando Magic went out and signed the big free agent Rashard Lewis from the Sonics. In order to free up money to sign Rashard Lewis, the Magic are going to make Darko a unrestricted free agent.

If I was John Paxson, I would be on the phone calling Darko's agent right now. Darko had similar numbers to Mihm and Joe Smith. Darko has two advantages over Mihm and Smith. Darko is younger than Mihm and Smith. Darko is 22 years old. Darko also played in the playoffs last season and his number in improved from 8.0s per game to 12.0 per game. Darko was also a number 2 pick of the Pistons three years ago, so he is a first round talent.

I also think that by signing Darko, the Bulls can keep the core of Gordon, Deng, Hinrich, and Noc together. If Paxson signs Darko, I have no doubt he will still persue trade options, so its a win-win signing.



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