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Sunday, July 01, 2007

Sports Rants!

The Bulls

The NBA draft was this past Thursday filled with desperate moves by General managers, but no MEGA-DEAL! The only team, that I seriously care about is the Chicago Bulls. The Bulls took Joakim Noah with the ninth pick. Noah was the safe pick, but did not ENTIRELY meet the need of the Bulls. The Bulls needed a big man who could score with his back to the basket. Noah is another hustle/energy big man.

Noah is a safe big man, who could help the BULLS. I would like to Bulls to trade for Kevin Garnett or at least try. I think Noah could be used in a deal to get Garnett. If the Bulls offered Joakim Noah, Ben Gordan, P.J. Brown and Chris Duhon for Kevin Garnett. I feel that would be the best deals for Both teams.

The White Sox

The Sox tried to work out a deal for Mark Buerhle. The deal was worth 65 million for 4 years. The sticking point that killed the deal was Buerhle's camp wanted a no-trade clause. Buerhle would not sign the deal without a no-trade clause.

I tend to agree with Buerhle and his agent. The deal proposed was below market value, if Mark signed the deal, the Sox could have dealt the pitcher to a team like the Yankees for below market value. If he signed the deal with the Sox it actually makes him more marketable because he is no longer a rent a player. The Sox swept the Devil Rays and won 2 of 3 from the Royals.

The Cubs

The Cubs have been playing GREAT baseball as of late. The Cubs have won 8 of 9, taking 2 of 3 from the first place Brewers this weekend. The little guys Fontenot, Theriot, and free agent acquistion DeRosa have been the gas that have helped the Cubs engine get on a roll. The Bullpen which was the identified strength during the spring, is finally starting to flex its MIGHT! Carlos Marmol has found his nitch on this team as the flame thrower on the team. Carlos is starting to be a go to guy for LOU late in the game.

The Cubs did close up a game on the Brewers and now are 6.5 back.

Tomorrow's blog All star selections


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