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Wednesday, June 27, 2007


This blog will not be about the game show on NBC with the same name. This blog is about Mark Buehrle and Jacques Jones.

The latest on Mark Buehrle is that the Red Sox are out of the bidding. A team that could re-enter the bidding for Mark Buehrle is the White Soxs. The word out of the south side is that Sox could bend there rule of not signing pitchers more than 3-years. This deal would go against everything that has come out of Kenny Williams. If the Sox do not move Mark Buerhle, they lose their biggest chip in the trade market. Trading Mark Buehrle is there chance to try and restock their weak farm system.

The other side of the coin is if the Sox resign Mark Buehrle, they sign a proven winner, innings eater, Slump stopper, and the FACE of the White Soxs. This deal should get done, if not the Sox will be awful for years to come. Mark Buehrle and Jon Garland would be the 1-2 punch for the Sox for years to come.

The other deal that did not HAPPEN is Jacques Jones being traded to the Marlins. This deal was Jones for some minor league prospect. The deal essentially was a player dump, the Cubs would have to eat all of Jacques money (5.6 million out of 6million). The Marlins got greedy and wanted the Cubs to eat more of the contract.

A radio show in Chicago floated the rumor that Sam ZEAL, the soon to be new owner of the Tribune Company, nixed the deal because of the money the Cubs would have to eat. I doubt this rumor being true because SAM is going to pay BILLIONS for the Tribune Company. 6 millions dollars is chump change to this guy. I hope the sale of the Cubs does not hinder the Cubs in resigning Carlos Zambrano.

The Big Z deal is for another blog....



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