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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Bad news Bears

The Bears finally Waived "Tank" Johnson. Tank drew his last straw with the Bears. He was arrested for a DUI several nights ago in Arizona. He was speeding (40mph in a 25mph speed zone) at 3:30 in the morning.

Tank was not a model citizen during his tenure with the Bears. After spending 60 days in jail for a probation violation, Tank screwed up again. Tank has been in the headlines for weapons charges, household maintenance, and the death of his friend. The Bears decided his antics off the field was not worth the reward on the field.

I also think the Bears got what the deserved. Tank had character issues coming out of college, but the Bears still took a chance on this guy. The Bears did not address the position well enough in the off season just in case Tank did not come back. The Bears now have to pay for there faith in TANK.

I personally think Tank should have been released LAST SEASON. This guy was a headache during their Super Bowl Season. The Bears had to answer questions about Tank off the field instead of focusing on the season. The TANK drama which could have been avoided this season if TANK would been released last season. Now Tank release adds to the DRAMA that is the Bears off season.

Don't be surprised if the defense is not close to what it was last season. Tank is gone and Briggs is as good as gone. Two major players in the Bears defensive success last season.

The Bears did do something positive yesterday re-signing Nathan Vasher. This raises another set of question what about Charles Tillman. Some more drama for a Bears drama filled off season.



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