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Monday, July 02, 2007

The All Star game

The midsummer classic once described the All-Star game. The game has sunk in rating the last few years so MLB decided to make the game count. The Squad (AL or NL) that won the ALL-Star game would get home field advantage in the World Series. This was supposed to help the game, instead it made the game EVEN more boring. Another element that was supposed appease the fans was making mandatory to take a player from each team. This is a STUPID RULE. Nobody wants to see anybody from the Royals, Pirates, Devil Rays, and maybe even the WHITE SOX this year.

The fans voted in Barry Bonds because the game is in SAN FRAN, no other reason. I thought if Barry got it SAMMY SOSA should have been in the game. He has hit for power and is third in AL in RBI's. He is the only Ranger player I would want to see there.

The All-Star game is becoming dangerously close to the PRO-BOWL. There is not a more pointless game than the Pro-Bowl because they change the rules and nobody hits. OH yeah, The Fans don't care about the game either. I think ALL-STAR weekend will never reach Pro-Bowl status because of the Home run derby, but the All-Star game itself maybe already be on the Pro-bowls level.

I will watch the Derby and maybe the game. I am however more excited about the DERBY.


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