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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The All-Star game

The All-Star game was won by the AL for the TENTH straight year. Somehow I knew that would be result before the game even started. I did not watch the whole game, I flipped between other shows. I think most other viewers did the same thing. Bud Selig and baseball tried to counter act the recent BOREDOM of the game by making it count for home field advantage in the WORLD SERIES!

MLB started making the game count in 2003. Since 2003, home field advantage has not come into play during the WORLD SERIES, so this plan has back fired! Another reason the game is boring is because EVERY team has to be represented. I honestly did not care to see Gil Meche or Michael Young introduced this year. THEY are not All-stars, they are jokes.

Another joke is the selection process, how does Carlos Beltran make it and Jimmy Rollins does not? Its popularity contest with the bigger market players getting voted in by their fans.

The All Star game does not have the same affect it did, when there was no ESPN. MLB needs to change the WHOLE weekend. LASTLY PLEASE GET SOMEONE ELSE TO CALL THE GAME!!! PLEASE I AM BEGGING YOU!!! JOE BUCK IS HORRIBLE!!!

Thank god the second half starts tomorrow!


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