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Monday, July 09, 2007

Kenny makes his MARK

Kenny Williams and the White Sox finally did the RIGHT thing and signed Mark Buehrle to a four year 56 million contract extension. This was not the same deal that had been turned down by Mark early last week. The deal was altered to meet the needs of both sides. Mark got a limited no-trade clause. The limits are that Sox, have a window where Mark cannot block a trade. IF Mark is traded the deal jumps up to a 5 year 75 million dollar deal. The Sox get there man for now and can trade him if they want. Mark stays with the Sox and if he gets traded he gets a Market Value deal!

This a great deal for both sides. I applaud both sides for getting this deal done. The Sox would have been stupid to trade Mark. There are few left handed starters available with the durablity and win-loss record of Mark Buehrle. Mark is also young (28) and has never been injured. Mark has been compared to Barry Zito because there numbers match up. Barry Zito is in decline and Mark Buehrle shows no signs of slowing down. When Kenny Williams looks back on this deal, he will be able to smile.

This deal, however, has some ripple affects within the organization. The Sox can expect pitchers to ask for 4 year deals. One pitcher that the Sox should expect to ask for a four year deal is Jon Garland. Jon Garland could command a deal similar to Buehrle on the open market. The Sox should begin talking to Garland agent this off season using the Buehrle deal as the framework for Garland's deal. I would lock up Garland and keep the 1-2 punch of Buehrle and Garland together.

This deal also means that Sox have one less need to fill at the trade deadline. Now the issues facing Kenny Williams how to re-tool the White Sox in 2008.

Kenny can pencil in Mark Buehrle to pitch every five days in 2008 and that's a good start.


Blogger John said...

I agree that getting Buehrle at that price is a steal. HOWEVA, (in my best Stephen A. Smith voice) what else are the White Sox going to do? They have over 75 million dollars invested in 6 players next year (Konerko, Thome, Contreras, Vazquez, Garland, Buehrle). If they keep their payroll similar thats about 35 million for the remaining 19 players. They have the 29th best farm system in the MLB so its not like they can use those guys. They have no outfield, no middle infield, and no bullpen next year. I think giving 50 million dollars to a starting rotation is not a good idea unless you plan on going out and overpaying players like the Cubs did. And Jerry Reinsdorf is a guy who hasn't done that. Kenny Williams will definitely have his work cut out for him. Let's see if he's as smart as he thinks he is.

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