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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Albert not so GREAT

Well there was one storyline that got everyone attention during the 2007 All-star game and that was where was ALBERT PUJOLS? The stage could not have been set more perfectly, two-on and two-out bottom of the 9th with the NL trailing by 1. Tony La Russa has his guy, Pujols ready to pinch hit and win the game for the NL.

What does La Russa do? He lets Orlando Hudson bat and then Aaron Rowand flies out to end the game. These guys are both nice players but not on the SAME level as Pujols. Pujols is the guy you want batting with the game on the line if your ANY Manager in All-Star game let alone the guys regular season manager.

Pujols got so deep into the head of Brad Lidge with his NLCS home run two years ago, that Lidge has not been the same pitcher since that homer. Albert is one of the best hitters in baseball. It just seems STUPID to me, not pinch hit him after Derek lee gets on in that game.

This controversy with Pujols gives credence to my argument in the blog previous to this one that the All-star game is flawed. If this game mattered to Tony, he would have pinch hit Pujols for Orlando Hudson in a heart beat. This whole home field advantage doesn't even change the mindset of managers who were just in the World Series. The game is a meaningless exhibition in their minds and was managed as such.

The one guy Tony La Russa could not afford to upset is now ANGRY!


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