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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Michael Vick is a _ICK

You can insert any letter you would like infront of the "_ick" to describe Michael Vick. Michael Vick was indicted on charges of breeding and having Dogs fights. I read the report of how they treated the dogs in these fights. If one dog did not kill the other, Michael and his cronies killed the dog in some INHUMANE way. I felt sick when thinking about how they treated those dogs. I felt worse because my family has two dogs of our own and I love dogs. I cringe at the thought of those dogs being harmed. THIS IS AWFUL and VICK needs to be put in jail for these crimes. If I was the Falcons I would RELEASE him right now.

The NFL several years ago was pushing Michael Vick as the next big thing. They even tried to change his name to Mike Vick, so they could use the Be like MIKE SONG. The NFL I bet is regretting that decision right now. The Falcons I bet are regretting trading Matt Schuab right now.

Vick claims he had no knowledge of dog fighting on his property. I believe Michael is full of SH*T. Some sources stated that Vick would invite players to come bet and witness dog fights.

The new commissioner Roger Goddell SHOULD and hopefully will suspend Vick for the whole season and maybe muti-seasons. Pacman Jones did less than this and got a whole year, Tank got half the year. Vick deserves atleast one year if not more.

I am appalled being a dog lover at the actions of the people in dog fighting and I CONDEM everyone who has any knowledge of dog fighting.

Michael VICK is SICK!!


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