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Monday, July 30, 2007

Countdown to deadline

The baseball trading deadline is upon us. The non-waiver trading deadline will have expired by 2pm central time tomorrow.

The White Sox were SUPPOSED to be a shopping center, where contenders could buy a starter or a position player from the Sox. That was thought going into July, the thought is now that the Sox might not trade anybody. The Sox wanted to move Jermaine Dye but their asking price was too high. Now the word for Sox management is they are trying to sign DYE to an extension.
The other player the Sox wanted to move is Jose Contreras. Joe Contreras is AWFUL and nobody wants him. If the Sox move him, it will be after he clears waivers.

The Cubs are in a different situation. The Cubs might be buyers at the trade deadline. The Cubs have a need for another right handed bat. There is also some grumbling around the media that the Cubs are looking for another OFFENSIVE hitting catcher. Jason Kendall has not worked out thus far. A rumor in the media is that the Cubs are going to get a catcher from Texas, in Gerald Laird.

I am not overly impressed with Larid's numbers. I also have heard Jay Payton outfielder, and Ryan Church another outfielder.

We shall see tomorrow


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