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Sunday, August 26, 2007

No more fumbles

Rex Grossman had his best preseason game last night throwing for 2 TDs and over 200 yards. His performance was not with some mistakes, Rex had one fumbled snap, which he recovered and one INT to former Bear Walt Harris. If last night game was any indication of things to come, the fans will be cheering and booing Rex in the same game A LOT this season.

Being a Bears fan, I have grown accustom to quarterbacks throwing interceptions. I will not get accustomed to FUMBLED snaps! If the Bears wanted a Quarterback who fumbled all the time, they would bring back Dave Krieg(1996). Dave Krieg has the most fumbles in a game for quarterback. Rex is a better Quarterback than Krieg and SHOULD BE able to get the SNAP.

REX get the snap!


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