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Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Major changes was the word BLOWING out of White Sox management specially Kenny Williams. I use the word "blowing" because Kenny was full of HOT AIR. Kenny did nothing of substance to improve his ball club for the future. He traded to bench players to contending NL teams and decided to hold onto Veteran players.

If Kenny Williams resigns Jermaine Dye, IT WILL BE A MISTAKE! Dye is a good hitter when he is healthy, but if the first half was an indication of things to come, Dye is slowing down. I see the reasoning in keeping him. Kenny is trying to keep a potential 3-4-5 in Konerko, Thome, and Dye together for a few more years. Kenny could then fill in younger players around them.

I have some problems with that 3-4-5 in that, they are all home run hitters, Dye and Thome are injury prone, and all got off to slow starts this season.

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