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Sunday, September 16, 2007


I got ready to watch the Bears game today. I flipped to CBS, the end of the Indy vs Titans game was on. That game ended at about 3:00pm central time. CBS's coverage switched to the Cleveland vs Cincy game. I thought to myself okay, CBS will switch to the Bears game at 3:15. I watch my clock it ticks to 3:15 and still no switch. THERE IS 3:39 left in the Cleveland vs Cincy game, When the awful CBS broadcast team announces that CBS will go to the Bears game after this game ends.

ARE YOU SERIOUS!!??!?!?!?!? I flipped out!! I was screaming and yelling at my TV. I thought at first it was CBS around here(I am enrolled at a graduate school in the western part of the state). I called a friend of mine who lived closer to Chicago but still not in the Chicago land area. CBS was still showing the Cleveland vs Cincy game. WE were IRATE!!! The game is in OHIO not Illinois!!! If the game was a regional game such as a RAMS game, I could understand not going to the game right away. We missed the whole first quarter of the Bears game to watch Garbage time in Cleveland vs Cincy game. This is the Second week in a row, that Bears fans have been SCREWED by networks carrying the Bears!

I hate CBS coverage of Bears games!!!


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