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Monday, September 10, 2007

Duo sucks- Bring back JONES

The Bears made a bold move this offseason, they traded their leading rusher Thomas Jones away for (after all that draft trading) 2 third round picks. The Bears placed their faith in Cedric Benson and Adrian Peterson(not the Vikes Peterson). We heard all offseason Cedric and Adrian would be able to carry the load. The Bears even drafted change of pace running back Garret Wolfe to help the running game.

In the preseason, The Bears running game failed to get on track. Everyone in the Bears organization was not worried. It is the preseason and the starters don't get enough repetition. Everyone was enthralled with the hit Cedric Benson laid on that Titans safety in the preseason. The growing trend coming out of the preseason was that Bears were not running the ball well.

The trend has continued right into the regular season. The Bears running game could not only not get on track but they COULD HOLD onto the BALL. The duo of Benson and Peterson each loss a fumble and both resulted San Diego scores.

The Bears running back better hold on to the ball for this team to have any success. They helped lose a very winnable game. Rex Grossman did not lose this one. The Running backs did!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bye Bye Rexie

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BYe BYE Rexie

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rex needs to go NOW>>.................

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