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Sunday, September 23, 2007

What are the Bears excuses?

Tonight, The Dallas Cowboys marched into Solider field and destroyed the Bears. TO ran all over the Bears, making Bears fan relive visions of 2005 and Steve Smith. Tony Romo did his best surgeon impression, by slicing up the Bears defense all night. Marian Barber put the nails in the coffin with his smash mouth running style. This was a Bears team who thought they were the team to beat in the NFC. The Cowboys apparently did not get the memo.

There were not many positives to take from tonights game. The Bears defense played tough in the first half and held the Cowboys to three points. Special teams blocked a field goal attempt and Rex Grossman engineered one long touchdown drive. Aside from the touchdown drive, all these plays were made in the first half.

The Bears are turnover happy this season with Rex adding three more interception to vastly growing number. While Cedric Benson continues to lay the ball on the ground. The defense was not without its flaws, which mainly occured in the second half by blowing tackle after tackle. The defense not only took hits on the scoreboard, they also took hits to their personel. Lance Briggs did not play in the second half, Vasher had to leave the game, and Tommie Harris was shaken up.

Special teams which is usually the best in the league looked awful tonight as well. Devin Hester best plays tonight, were when he motioned to the crowd with his arms. Hester also laid the ball on the ground twice tonight. I thought the Bears caused the most turnovers in the league. It appears their confused on that issue also.

My question to you... What do the Bears do now?
They are tied for last in the NFC north. There Quarterback has regressed since last season, there running game cannot get on track and their defense is injury riddled.

Most Bears fans were not worried after they lost to San Diego in Week 1. Last I looked the Packers defeated the Chargers today and the Bears had the same record as the Chargers.

I am a Bears..I am also worried!


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