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Sunday, February 03, 2008

A Giant effort ends the run at PERFECTION!

I am very pleased that Giants defeated the New England Patriots in Super bowl 42. I was so tired of the Talk about PERFECTION and dynasty! I think when you watch two weeks of TV saying that you are going to win with no problem, you start to feel confident.

The Patriots were insulted that Giants receiver Plaxico Burress dared to say they would only score 17 points in this game. The Giants defense would make good on Plaxico's guarantee.

The main reason the Giants defeated the Patriots were as followed: 1. ELI's play, 2. receiver play and 3. The whole defense playing well.

1. Eli Manning was the better quarterback in the SUPERBOWL and probably the best quarterback since week 17 of the regular season. He was an escape artist late in the game and made extraordinary play after extraordinary play. ELI deserved the MVP, because he had ice water pumping through his veins all game.

2. David Tyre made two of the biggest catches in his life, a late third down conversion after ELI escaped the blitz, and a touchdown pass. Steve Smith made a big catch and got out bounds in the 4th. Plaxico caught the game winning touchdown.

3. In the first meeting between the Patriots and Giants, Tom Brady was hit TWICE and sacked once. This game Brady was hit constantly and sacked 5 times. The reason the defensive line of Giants could get some much pressure on Tom Brady was because of the Coverage Down the field. The Giants did not let the Patriots receivers catch the ball down field.

Congrats to the Giants!



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