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Thursday, November 08, 2007

Should the Cubs bring back Wood and Prior?

Should the Cubs bring back Kerry Wood and Mark Prior? This is the question facing Cubs management this off season. My answer to the question would be YES!!

Last year, Kerry Wood proved to Cubs management that he can be a successful reliever. He did only pitch 24.3 inning during the regular season, but he posted an ERA of 3.33. Wood overcame another shoulder injury to pitch in the majors. By the end of last season, Wood was starting to regain his velocity on his fastball, 95-96 MPH. Wood struck out 24 batters in 24 innings, so on average 1 batter per innings. I also would think that Wood would be a great setup man for closer CARLOS MARMOL! *I am implying the Cubs will make Marmol the closer next season.*

If Wood takes a home town discount like last season, it would make perfect sense for the Cubs to re-sign him.

Prior is a more complicated matter, given his recent health issues. Prior had surgery on his right arm to fix structural damage last season. He has to undergo six full months of rehab before he can be ready to pitch. If I were the Cubs, I would not give up on Mark Prior just yet.

This will be the first season since 2003, that Mark Prior is FULLY HEALTHY. The Cubs have taken fliers on injured pitchers before: Wade Miller, and Ryan Dempster. The Cubs should sign him to a one-year deal with incentives, where is the risk? The rewards outweight the risk in re-signing Mark Prior.

The Cubs need a starter with veteran experience.

Why not Mark Prior?


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