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Monday, October 22, 2007

I don't believe it...

If you are guessing from the title this article is about the Boston Red Sox, you guessed wrong!! This article is about the improbable comeback of the Chicago Bears. The Bears were down 5 with under 2 minutes to play and 97 yards to go.

I honestly felt that the game was lost when the Eagles went up by 5 with 4:57 left to play. I thought the nail in the coffin was when the Eagles pinned the Bears at there own 3 yard line. I almost turned the game off. Brian Griese showed why is the starting quarterback and not Rex Grossman.

Brian Griese executed pass after pass to several different receivers (Clark, Peterson, Moose, Hester, Berrian and Olsen), working his way down the field. When the Bears crossed the 50 yard line, I had hope for the best, but I also had the feeling an interception was coming on the very next throw. Griese then completed a 20 yard strike to Hester, putting the Bears within legitimate striking distance. Griese managed the clock by spiking the ball when he needed too.

With 19 seconds left in the game, Griese found Muhsin Muhammad in the end zone for a 15 yard touchdown pass, giving the Bears a 2 point lead with 9 seconds left to play. The Bears would stop the Eagles on the next series ending the game.

My question is did this victory save the season? Everyone thought the victory over Packers saved the season, the Bears then went on to lose to the Vikings. If this victory over a struggling Eagles team propels them to a winning streak, then the victory saved the season. If the Bears lose to Detroit next week, then it was just a bad team beating an even worse team.

A few positives besides Griese's drive, was the defensive play. The defense played better allowing only one touchdown in the entire game. They were tougher inside the red zone and pressured McNabb. The Bears did not commit any turnovers, even though Griese fumbled the ball once. He did not lose the fumble. Greg Olsen and Muhsin Muhammad are getting more involved in the passing game which is a plus.

The Bears still need to improve tackling on defense. I think the Bears defense needs some help from the offense. They need to run the ball better to keep the defense off the field. The running game has to be better, Cedric Benson is a bust right now in my mind. He needs to improve for the Bears to win more games. The defense also did not force one turnover, which the Bears teams in the past have thrived on.

This win over the Eagles saved their season.................for now.


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