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Monday, October 08, 2007


Now that I have finished my take home midterm, I can write about the awful play of the Chicago Cubs in the division series. There were three main reasons the Cubs were swept in three games.

After losing game one and two, I knew the Cubs were doomed to lose game three. The stranded ten runners in the first five innings, if you can't drive in runs you cannot win games. They scored 6 runs in three games, that was not enough. The big three (Sori, Lee, and Ramirez) were AWFUL swinging at pitches 5 feet off the plate. There best player in the series did not play in game three and that was the kid G. Soto.

The players were not the only ones to blame for the Cubs losing in three games. Lou Pinella made one crucial mistake and one DUMB mistake. The crucial mistake was pulling Carlos Zambrano after 85 pitches in Game 1. He was playing for Game four, which did not happen. Lou's dumb mistake was when he STARTED Rich Hill in game three. Rich Hill was erratic in the regular season, let alone a series deciding game. Rich Hill should have not started this game, a veteran such as Jason Marquis should have started. He might not have faired any better, but at least he was not a second year pitcher. Rich Hill like Ted Lilly felt the weight of 99 years of losing on his back.

The most important reason why the Diamondbacks won game three and sweep the series. THEY were the better team. There is a reason they won 90 games during the regular season. They were patience at the plate, they did not try to do to much. They played their game with timely hitting, good pitching, and solid defense. Everyone overlooked the Diamondbacks including me and they made the Cubs pay for it.

The Diamondbacks advance to the most unexpected NLDS ever to play the WHITE HOT ROCKIES! While Cubs and all of Cubs nation must wait again for next year.


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