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Saturday, September 29, 2007


The Cubs clinched their first division title since 2003. It is fitting that the Florida Marlins, the 2003 spoiler would play a role in trying to thwart the Cubs post season hopes. With their win over the REDS and the Brewers lose, the Cubs put a fitting end to a roller coaster season.

The Cubs will now play the D-backs, who to everyone surprise won 90 games this year. The D-backs are contrast to the Cubs. The D-backs are built on speed, bullpen pitching, and superstar less team. The D-backs have home grown players such as Conor Jackson, Chad Tracy, Brandon Webb, and Steven Drew. The homegrown players are the reason the D-backs made the playoffs this season. They were not favored to win their division, the critics expected the D-Backs to finish behind the Padres and the Dodgers. Both the Padres and Dodgers get to watch the D-Backs and Rockies play in the postseason.

In contrast to the Cubs that are built on starting pitching, star power, and the home runs. The Cubs used the mega-bucks from the Tribune company to build a playoff contender. The Cubs went out and bought two new starting pitchers, and the best hitter in the free agent market. They were favored to win their division, The Cubs had to overcome the Brewers to win the division.

Two different teams square off in the Bank one ball park
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