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Monday, September 24, 2007

Usher in the Griese ERA

Rex Grossman sealed his own fate with his poor performance on Sunday night football. Rex Grossman has been awful this season, throwing 1 touchdown and 6 interceptions this season. Rex is not the only problem on offense, but he seems to draw the most attention. Rex handles the ball on every play and that is why people in the media are hammering him.

I am going to join the list of people hammering Rex Grossman. My faith in Rex Grossman is GONE! The biggest Rex Grossman supporter Lovie Smith, maybe also be losing faith. In Lovie's, press conference today, He added to his trademark line... REX is quarterback... We have to look at the film. The film should tell Lovie this, the Bears need to make a change. It is time to turn the offense over to Brian Griese.

Brian Griese has waited patiently for two seasons to get his chance to start. This season Griese SHOULD get a chance to start this season. Griese is a veteran, who will not make the stupid mental mistake that Grossman makes. The last time Griese was a starter with Tampa Bay, he was 4-0 before a knee injury. Griese also gives the Bears a veteran presence in the offensive huddle.

Lovie's new line should be..IT IS TIME FOR A CHANGE!


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