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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Quarterback of the future?

With Rex out of the picture, The Bears must again address issue of the franchise quarterback. We all know that Brian Griese is not our franchise quarterback. Brian Griese is a BAND-AID or filler for the Bears Quarterback position. The Bears must now think on how to address this issue. Do they pursue a Quarterback via free agency? Do they trade for a veteran such as Donovan McNabb(Chicago Native)? Do they look to the trade? Do they consider doing two out of three options I have listed? Whether it be to sign a free agent QB and draft a late round QB or trade for QB and then draft QB?

My vote on the subject is to trade for McNabb and draft a QB. With McNabb the Bears would be the favorite the Superbowl next season. He is great quarterback when healthy. He would not be scrutinized as much in Chicago. He would be a huge upgrade over any QB currently on the roster. I think also he would bring a superstar status to a starless offense. He does not have to run as much in years past and could be effective in Ron Turners scheme. The Bears could then draft a Quarterback in the third round hope they luck into a Matt Schaub.

This Bears team is built to win NOW. The Bears cannot wait for a first round rookie QB to be ready play. The defense is a championship level for now and should be for the near future. In the coming years, free agency is going to hurt the Bears chance of being contender with the impending losses of Mike Brown (they are going to cut Brown) and Lance Briggs. A veteran QB and a young one to develop would be a great fit for the future.


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