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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

It's official... Griese to start Sunday

Today, it was officially announced by Lovie Smith that Brian Griese will be this Sunday starting Quarterback. Bears fans are overjoyed by the fact that Griese is starting over Grossman. Bears are excited in the fact that Griese will do the "little" things correctly. Griese will not fumble the snap from center and he will not throw into triple coverage. Will Griese throw interceptions? Yes, it is a part of the game of football. He will ,however, minimizes his mistakes, make better reads, and keep the Bears in games.

With Griese getting this Sunday's start, It appears Rex Grossman is no longer in the Bears future . After this season, Rex Grossman will begin his journey as a career backup, and join the ranks of Trent Dilfer and Joey Harrington . He will also join Shane Matthews and Danny Wuerffel as Florida QB's who did not cut it in the NFL.

I feel bad for Rex Grossman. I really wanted him to be our guy here in Chicago. I was overjoyed when the Bears got him 4 years ago. I was hoping he would prove the stereotype that Suppier Gator QB do not make it in the NFL. I was heart broken when every time he got injured. I was very excited when he replaced Kyle Orton in 2005. I was excited when he played well in 2006 and heart broken after the SuperBowl. It looked like in the playoffs minus the Superbowl, Rex had turned the corner. Who knew it would be in the wrong direction. I wanted the best for REX.

It is appears we will both have to move on..


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