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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

A sports brief

I have decided to rant about a few different topics in this blog. These topics will be discussed in brief.

The Bears defense is awful this season! Could they miss any more tackles against the Vikings? What happened since last year? I understand they have injuries this season, but do injuries account for poor play. Lance Briggs is a special players who need to be re-signed. ARCHLETHEMSCORE is AWFUL, there was a reason the Redskins benched him. He was benched by the Bears Sunday.

Devin Hester is the best player on that team. He is the reason they will 6 games this season. To quote Forrest Gump, "That is all I have to say about that".

College football:
Illinois lost to Iowa in a low scoring affair. Illinois will go to a bowl game this season, but they will need to beat Michigan and OSU to make a BCS game. I would to congratulate Ron Zook on a nice job this season.

ND Coach, Charles Weis, has switched quarterbacks again going to Evan Sharpley over Jimmy Clausen. Clausen is apparently playing hurting according to unknown Irish sources. Could it be from the large number of hits he has taken this season?? That Offensive line is just plain OFFENSIVE. Sharpley has more experience and is more mobile than Clausen. Should Sharpley started the year at Quarterback? I don't know, I do know Charles Weis has done an awful job at Notre Dame this season.

Baseball: Rocktober
The Rockies continue their ride through postseason by sweeping the Arizona Diamondbacks last night. The Rockies have won 20 of their 21 dating back to the regular season. I never thought the Rockies would make the World Series if they were based out of Colorado. I always believed they could not pitch well enough to win in the playoffs. This Rockies team has shocked the baseball world with their play.

I being a Cubs fan have jumped on the Rockies band wagon. The Rockies proved that if you hot going into the playoffs you can ride that momentum all the way to the World Series. General manager Dan Dowd and manager Clint Hurdle leader from previous high priced mistakes and built this Rockies teams on home grown talent. Their work has paid off.


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