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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Kobe wants DENG

The Kobe Bryant drama continues as the Chicago Bulls have stepped up their trade efforts. The Bulls have prepared packages that have included Deng, Gordan, Noah, Thomas and even Ben Wallace. The deal breaker is LOUL DENG, if Kobe Bryant will accept a trade to the Bulls, he wants Loul Deng on the team.

Deng had a breakout season last year with the Bulls averaging just over 18 point per game. He is considered a rising star in the NBA. Kobe knows that if Deng is not on the Bulls, the Bulls would be slightly better than LA. This is a situation that Kobe does not want, Kobe wants a chance to contend.

In the East, with a team of Kobe, Deng, and Heinrich the Bulls would be serious title contenders. One the claring issue is the Bulls still would not be able to score in the paint. I think if the Bulls obtained Kobe, his play alone could overcome that issue. Kobe can also attack the basket to make up for the lack of low post scoring.

The latest deal was Artest and Wallace to the Lakers , Gordon and PJ. Brown to the Kings and Kobe to the Bulls. That deal is apparently is dead. I wish the deal would have gone through because the Bulls would have given up only Ben Gordon and Ben Wallace.

If the Bulls keep Deng and make a deal for Kobe, expect Kobe to be very HAPPY!!

*This blog was written before John Paxson's announcement that Trade talks are dead for now.*


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