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Thursday, October 25, 2007

The lay-off will doom Rockies

The Rockies blew through the national league playoffs, winning a one game playoff, sweeping the Phillies, and then sweeping the Arizona Diamondbacks in route to a World Series Berth. The Rockies did not know that they would have to wait over a week to play game 1 of the World Series. If Rockies would have known that, they might have lost a game in the playoffs somewhere to give themselves less time off (just kidding).

The Rockies long lay off is partially due to the fact that they played so well in the playoffs and partially due to the fact that MLB messed with the playoff schedule. MLB inserted a day off in between Game 4 and 5 of the league championship series. The Rockies did not get to game 5, so did not have to worry about days off. The additional day off hurt the Rockies in that that Rockies would have to way another day to find out who would win the Boston vs Cleveland Series.

The Rockies pitchers will suffer the most from not pitching in game for some time. It was made apparent to me by the poor pitching performance of Jeff Francis. Jeff Francis has not pitched in a game since GAME 1 of the NLCS, which was over a week ago. Before last night's game Jeff Francis had similar numbers to Josh Beckett in the playoffs. As we saw last night, Francis did not command his pitches well and was shelled by the RED SOX. The rest of the Rockies rotation could also suffer from a layoff hangover. If Jeff Francis suffered that much last night from a hangover. I can only imagine what Aaron Cook will suffer. Cook has been on the DL since August and has not pitched in the postseason.

If the Rockies want to have a chance in this series, their pitching needs to right the ship tonight.


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