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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Monday Night Magic

Jay Culter has been called the next Brett Favre; hopefully he took notes on Monday. Brett added to his Hall of Fame resume by heaving an 82 yard bomb to Greg Jennings for an overtime win. With the win, the Packers are 6-1, their best start since 1995.

This 82 yard touchdown pass comes two weeks removed from people questioning Favre's arm strength. Skeptics thought Favre had lost some zip on his "fastball" after his poor showing against the Redskins. Last night Favre answered the skeptics with his 82 yard pass to Jennings in OT. The touchdown pass also shows how Favre is still a student of the game. In a sideline meeting, Favre and Jennings were reviewing film on a previous series. Favre saw something that setup his pass to Jennings.

Outside of Wisconsin, sports fans have been calling for Favre's retirement for the last few years. I thought Farve should have retired after the 2005 season, when he posted 20 TDs and 29 ints. Favre continues to make me and other people like me eat my words.

People should respect how great Brett Favre is playing at this stage of his career. He is the last GREAT gunslinger. He proved once again that he is one of the GREATEST QUARTERBACK EVER.

Love him or HATE HIM... You have to respect him...


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