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Monday, October 29, 2007

Sunday of new era's

This Sunday ushered in some new era's in sports. In this blog, I will discuss the end of the Bears Super Bowl era/the start of Kyle Orton era, the end of AROD Yankee era, and the beginning of the Boston Red Sox era.

1. The Bears Superbowl window closed with a record of 3-5, they have a 2% chance of making the playoffs. They are not a good football team anymore. The defense is a shell of what they were in years past. They could only play that well for that long. This off season will be very interesting for the Bears, all they can do this season is hope to play the role of spoiler.

2. Brian Griese was supposed to finish out the season at quarterback, well since the season is now lost, maybe they should move into the Kyle Orton era. He is the only quarterback on the roster this season not to play. The Bears need to see if he fits in their future plans or are they going to overhaul the entire quarterback position next season. BEGIN the KYLE ORTON ERA!

3. AROD is opting out his current 252 million dollar contract with the New York Yankees to pursue greener pastures. He is walking away from 81.5 million dollars over the next three seasons. Scott Boras is hoping to land AROD a deal worth 30 million a year. AROD was never beloved in New York and probably will be hated even more now. There are not many possible destinations AROD could land, maybe San Fran, Chicago, Anaheim, or Boston.

4. The Boston Red Sox completed a 4 game sweep of the Rockies. They have won two World Series championships in the last 4 years. Boston took 86 years to get there first World Series since 1917. Red Sox nation did not have to wait very long for the second championships. They have the money and young talent to start putting together a nice little World Series run here. With Pitchers Beckett, Lester, Papelbon, and Clay Bucholez, not to mention Dustin Pedoria, and Kevin Youklis The Red Sox are filled with young talent. Dare I say the Red Sox Dynasty??


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