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Monday, November 05, 2007

Who is Derek Anderson?

With Tom Brady having a ridiculous season and Brett Favre's resurgence, people do not hear much about Derek Anderson. In case people did not know Derek Anderson is the quarterback of the Cleveland Browns.

Derek Anderson was drafted out of Oregon State by the Baltimore Ravens. He was released by the Ravens in 2005. The Ravens General Manager Ozzie Newsome hoped to sign Anderson to the practice after his release. His former assistant, Phil Savage, General Manager of the Cleveland Browns scooped up Anderson.

Anderson did not play in 2005 and played in 5 games in 2006. He was the backup to Charlie Frye, an injury to Frye, gave Anderson his chance to play in 2006. He did not impress people with his play. At the start of this season, he was involved in quarterback battle with Charlie Frye for the starting job. Head Coach Romeo Crennel thought Anderson and Frye were so evenly matched that in the preseason, he flipped a coin to see who would start each game. With Brady Quinn waiting in the wings whoever won the quarterback battle would be a filler for Quinn.

Frye would win the battle and start the season opener against Pittsburgh. Frye was AWFUL in the first game going 4 of 10 for 34 yards and 1INT. Fyre was then traded after the game to Seattle. Anderson was then handed the starting quarterback job. Most people, including myself, thought Anderson would be a FILLER until Brady Quinn was ready to start.

We were wrong! Derek Anderson has lead the Brown to a 5-3 record this season. He has complied numbers of 17 TDS, 9 ints and quarterback rating of 91.7. The most important number that Anderson compiled is wins, 5. The Browns won 3 games all of last season!!

The play of the offense lead by Anderson has helped people forget about Brady Quinn, and the fact that Romeo Crennel was on the hot seat to start the season.

After their win on Sunday, The Browns are a game behind the Pittsburgh Steelers for the AFC North lead.

Who is Derek Anderson? He is the Quarterback of the resurgent Cleveland Browns.


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