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Friday, January 25, 2008

Boot Gate is a PLOY!

I am so sick of all the media coverage of TOM BRADY's Boot! Everyone in the media is being sucked in by the ploy of Bill Belicheck and Tom Brady. The fact that Brady has not been at practice the last two days adds to this RUSE!

Their are some elements of this story that raises red flags with me:
1. The Boot was worn by Brady during the day and not at night while dancing!
2. He wore the boot in front of the media for everyone to see!
3. Belicheck is his coach!

Bill Belicheck has been using ploys with Tom Brady since Brady emerged as the MAN in New England. Brady has been listed on every injury report since becoming starter of the Patriots, he has not missed a start in that time. Belicheck is never truthful about injuries to his players.

Brady will play for the following reasons:
1. This is a ploy enginnered by the Master of SPY GATE (Belicheck).
2. He has never missed a start due to injury since becoming Pats quarterback.
3. It is the SUPERBOWL!!
4. The Patriots would not be undefeated without TOM BRADY!
5. Brady injured is better than MATT CASSEL (Pats backup) HEALTHY.

BRADY is going to play in the SUPERBOWL, their is no doubt in my mind! THERE SHOULD NO DOUBT IN ANYONE ELSE's


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