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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Plan....what plan???

Last year, Kenny Williams told the media "To stay out of White Sox Business". Maybe Kenny Williams should have listened to the media, because his rebuilt bullpen was AWFUL! After a disappointing season, Williams said the White Sox would retool for another playoff run. In sports at the college and professional level, nobody wants to use the word "rebuild", they instead use the word retool.

This off season Williams claimed he had a plan for the White Sox. Last year, Williams showed Mark Buerhle his "wish list". Judging by this off season, Williams had Tori Hunter number one on his list. Williams must understand that in baseball's current status. If you want to sign a free agent, TEAMS MUST OVER PAY! The White Sox were outbid on Hunter by the Angels.

Williams then struck a deal with the Angels: Orlando Cabrera in exchange for Jon Garland. I have previously written how this is a bad deal. Williams weakened an already bad starting rotation. The White Sox now have three questions instead of two. Last season, the White Sox tried to fill out there rotation with two inexperienced starters. The result was 72-90 record. Now they have three inexperienced starters in their rotation. Ozzie Guillen will begging by the end of MAY to be fired!

Williams then targeted former White Sox hero, Aaron Rowand, for his center field option. Williams believed that Rowand's love for the Sox, would compel him to accept a low offer from the Sox. Rowand decided to sign with the Giants for five years and 60 million dollars.

The only other free agent signing was some Cuban exile, who can play multiple positions. Honestly, was this signing apart of the "PLAN".

Williams plan must have looked great on paper or in his egoistical head. Bottom line, the White Sox got worse this off season. If this process is "retooling", I can only imagine what rebuilding looks like.

Taking all these moves or lack of moves into consideration, I am predicting that the White Sox will finish BELOW the Kansas City Royals in the 2008 season. I will even be bold enough to predict less than 70 wins for the Sox this season.


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