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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Trade Mark Prior....Are they Nuts???

The Cubs announced that management is open to trading Mark Prior. When I heard this announcement my knee-jerk reaction was WHAT???!!!!

The Cubs would be making a huge mistake by trading Mark Prior. This mistake would rank up their in Cubs history with LOU BROCK. There are many reasons why the Cubs should not trade Mark Prior. In this blog, I am going to list off the four main reasons why it would be a mistake to trade Prior.

First off, Mark Prior has not been fully healthy since 2003, when he went 18-6. This coming season would be first season that he COULD be fully healthy. This past season Prior had surgery on his shoulder . Dr. James Andrews, the renown surgeon, gave Prior an optimistic outlook for this season. When healthy Prior is a GREAT pitcher, the baseball world was witness to this in 2003.

Second, The Cubs would not get an value in return for Prior in a trade. After the 2003 season, the bidding for Prior would be similar to the current bidding for Johan Santana. Now the Cubs will get a mid-level prospect at best for Prior.

Third, if the Cubs trade Prior, they will get no value in return for him. When Prior joins his new team, he will rehab himself back to health. Once fully healthy, Prior will return to his 2003 form with his NEW team. Everyone knows this for a fact because this trade involves the CUBS!!

Lastly, The Cubs have already invested so much money in Prior. Why stop now? The Cubs still hold the rights to Prior through the 2008 season. He will not take more than a two year commitment. If he pitches well then the Cubs would have the inside track to re-sign him.

The Cubs SHOULD NOT even consider trading Mark Prior this season.

Trading Prior = BIG MISTAKE!!


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