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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Another Record for Barry....

Barry Bonds could have another record associated with his name. That is a criminal record. Barry Bonds was indicted on felony-counts of perjury by the federal grand jury. If convicted Bonds could face up to 30 years in jail.

Every sports fan outside of the San Francisco area, KNOW Bonds took steroids before the 2001 season. He testified to the federal grand jury that he did not know what the "cream" and the "clear" contained. Federal investigators believed that Bonds was lying to Grand Jury. It has taken the four years of investigation, but finally Federal investigators think they have enough evidence to convict Bonds.

I personally think Bonds knowingly took steroids. Everyone has seen the evidence of his steroid use: 73 home runs in a season, breaking the all time home run record, and putting on 25 POUNDS of muscle in one off season.

In my opinion, Bonds was jealous that he was not the star of baseball and that is why he took steroids. Bonds saw what steroids did not for Sosa and McGwire in 1998. He craved the limelight that Sosa and McGwire had stolen from him.

Bonds put up great numbers in 1998 with 37 home runs and 122 RBI. Bonds numbers were overlooked because of Sosa's 66 and McGwire's 70 home runs that season. If people are craving more hearsay about Bonds and steroids. I recommend reading Game of Shadows.

My point is this: I believe Bonds knowingly took steroids and he KNOWINGLY lied to the Federal Grand Jury. Bonds took steroids because his EGO could not take the fact that he was not number one in the media's eyes.

For once, I hope Bonds gets this RECORD.


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