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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Building a new World Series Puzzle

Kenny "trader" Williams has been busy this off season, making the biggest deal to date. Williams traded proven starter Jon Garland for the slick fielding Shortstop, Orlando Cabrera. This deal makes sense from a financial standpoint for the Sox.

Last year the White Sox committed long term money to Javier Vasquez and Mark Buerhle. By committing to Buerhle and Vasquez, the White Sox had to say goodbye to either Contreas or Garland. With Contreas resent struggles, Garland was going to net the Sox the highest reward. With the deal, Kenny moves Garland's 12 million dollar salary and gains Cabrera 8 million dollar salary. Cabrera is an huge upgrade over Uribe at short. Uribe would was re-signed last week, will certainly be dealt or reduced to the bench.

This deal, however, does not make baseball sense for either team.The Sox lose a dependable starter from a rotation that is now filled with more question marks. Their is also an unwritten rule in baseball that you DO NOT trade dependable starting pitching.

On the other side of the coin, The Angels traded one of their best hitters from last season. The Angels lineup was already one major bat short. After this move, the Angels are now two bats short. The Angels could be gearing up to trade for Miquel Carbera, the highly coveted third basemen. While the Sox could be also gearing up to sign free agent center fielder Tori Hunter.

This deal could be just the beginning for both teams this off season.

Another minor move, The Sox have severed ties with SCOTTIE PODSEDNIK. Pods was a critical piece of the 2005 World Series team. His last two years with Sox were marred by injuries. He will not be forgotten by Sox faithful for his play during the 2005 season.

Sox fans say goodbye to Garland and Pods.... Welcome to Cabrera!!!


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