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Sunday, January 06, 2008

Win in 08?

Kenny Williams pulled off another move this off season. Kenny Williams acquired Nick Swisher from the Oakland A's. On the surface, this looks like a GOOD move for the White Sox and Kenny Williams. I thought this was a GOOD deal, until I heard what the Sox gave up. In my mind the Nick Swisher deal turned from a GOOD deal to a HORRIBLE DEAL!

The White Sox gave up Gio Gonzalez, pitcher, their number one prospects according to Baseball America, their number two prospect in Fautino De Los Santo, pitcher, and their number nine prospect, Ryan Sweeney, outfielder. I understand Nick Swisher is a GOOD players, but if you are giving up your number one, two, and nine, prospects; You should RECEIVE a SUPERSTAR in return. This package of prospects would be something, a team would give up to get SANTANA or a player of his caliber.

Kenny Williams reasoning behind this deal, is that the White Sox want to win in 2008. ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? The White Sox will not WIN in 2008. Their division is composed of Cleveland, who was in the ALCS last season, Detroit, who acquired Miguel Cabrera and Dontrelle Willis in the off season, and Kansas City who is improving. The White Sox finished SECOND to LAST in that division last season. Their team in 2008, will be very similar to the team in 2007. Winning in 2008, that is a joke.

Instead of winning in 2008, the White Sox will ALSO NOT in the FUTURE.
The White Sox have traded away pitching prospects, which is BIG Mistake in the game's current state. With free agency the way it is, the Sox in a few years will need to overpay a below average starter to fill out their rotation because they traded way their future.

Another bad move, from an EGOTISTICAL GENERAL MANAGER!


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