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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

A mighty blog return: The demise of the Bears

I am back!! It has been sometime since my last blog due to the fact of homework and school related stuff.

Remember at the beginning of February the Bears were in the Superbowl! A repeat next year is already looking bleak and training camp has not even started! First off the coaching staff, Ron Rivera interviewed for every head coaching job in the NFL. Ron did not land another job and was let go by the Bears. Lovie finally after some debating got his NEW 5-million a year deal. This moves make relative sense, Rivera wanted out anyways so we showed him the door and Lovie earned his money.

Other moves made by the Bears were deal for Thomas Jones and a Tag on Lance Briggs. The Thomas Jones trade to move up in the second round make some sense to me. The Bears wanted to usher in the Cedric Benson era and Thomas Jones would want carries if he was in Chicago, so trading him makes sense. WHAT I DO UNDERSTAND is how the Bears only moved up in the second round! That is S T U P I D, the Bears traded their leading rusher the lats two seasons, a locker room leader for a second round pick! Huge risk for the Bears because Benson is not liked and has questions about his health, blocking skills and running vision. Major problems for a team, who needs the play-action pass, with Rex Grossman an Quarterback.

Lance Briggs is the right deal to make, he wants Urlacher money and the Bears not going to give him that. They offered him 7 years 33 million last year and he turned it down. The Bears franchised him which is the right move, because the Bears do not have a replacement on the roster. Brigg's reaction does not make sense for a BUSINESS standpoint. Football is a business as well as a game. Briggs is making himself look selfish and is not making himself marketable if or when he can hit the free agent market. The Bears will not give him a long term deal, so BRIGGS better shut up. 7 millions dollars to play one year of football is nothing to whine about, but Briggs is greedy. I hope when he leave he get his money from a BAD team who won't sniff the playoffs when he is there.

The Bears have lost Todd Johnson, Cameron Worrell, and will lose Alfonso Boone and Ian Scott.

The Bears will have pressing needs in this year's Draft especially at running back and linebacker.