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Sunday, August 26, 2007

No more fumbles

Rex Grossman had his best preseason game last night throwing for 2 TDs and over 200 yards. His performance was not with some mistakes, Rex had one fumbled snap, which he recovered and one INT to former Bear Walt Harris. If last night game was any indication of things to come, the fans will be cheering and booing Rex in the same game A LOT this season.

Being a Bears fan, I have grown accustom to quarterbacks throwing interceptions. I will not get accustomed to FUMBLED snaps! If the Bears wanted a Quarterback who fumbled all the time, they would bring back Dave Krieg(1996). Dave Krieg has the most fumbles in a game for quarterback. Rex is a better Quarterback than Krieg and SHOULD BE able to get the SNAP.

REX get the snap!

Friday, August 10, 2007

Let's make a CLAIM

With the Cubs struggling recently losing 6 of the last 8, the Cubs have been claiming players off the waiver wire left and right. The Cubs are in need of a power hitting player, and a lead off man. Power hitting outfielders are hard to come by on the waiver wire.

In case you don't know how the waiver process works, I will explain it to you. The best way to explain this is to give you an example. The Oakland A's put Shannon Stewart on waivers, Stewart then can be claimed by 31 other teams, starting with the worst team first. The worst team gets priority to make a claim. When it comes to your team, The Cubs can make a claim. When the Cubs make a claim, the A's have either 48 hours to trade him to the Cubs or pull him off waivers. The A's can also just let the Cubs have him for nothing and let their claim go through.

Another wrinkle to the waiver process, is that if a player is not claimed by the 31 other teams, the player clears waivers. An example would be Mike Piazza, Mike cleared waivers the other day. Now the A's would have Piazza because he cleared waivers can trade him to any team of the A's choosing.

Now that we understand the process, the Cubs claimed Shannon Stewart on Tuesday, they have 48 hours to strike a deal with the A's. The Cubs also have put in claims for Casey Blake of the Indians and Scott Podsednik of the White Sox. All three players could help the Cubs fill needs especially if Aramis Ramirez is hurt, joining Soriano on the DL.

I honestly doubt the Cubs will get all three players, I would say the most likely will be Scott Podsednik, because he should be the cheapest players to get. Casey Blake will be pulled back from waivers and Shannon Stewart deal could not be completed in time.

The White Sox also have been making waiver claims and the claim sent a message to JUAN URIBE. The Sox made a claim on Miguel Tejada from the Orioles to play shortstop for the Sox. This is a bad deal for the Sox because Miguel Tejada does not have the range to play short anymore. If anything the claim tells Juan Uribe, he is not in the Sox plans anymore.