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Friday, March 07, 2008

What if people could draft fictional players to your favorite baseball team? Who would you draft?

The question was posed to me, if the Cubs could draft Billy Chapel would they?

Billy Chapel is the character played by Kevin Costner In for the Love of the Game. Chapel is one of the greatest pitchers of all time in the movie. He has almost every accomplishment in baseball expect for 300 wins and a perfect game. *Spoiler* in the end of the movie, Chapel throws a perfect game and then retires.

Like any great sports movie hero, Chapel must overcome an injury sustained will working with some wood. He would damage a nerve in his hand, and not be able to feel his pitches after a certain time. Now IF Chapel was real, of course the Cubs would draft him. He would have been the best Cubs pitcher of all time. He might not have thrown the perfect game, because in real life, it is the Cubs after all. Sadly, the Cubs cannot draft Billy Chapel because he is not real.

If I were running the Cubs and I could draft a fictional character from a movie. I would not draft Billy Chapel. I would draft Roy Hobbs from the Natural. Hobbs was played by Robert Redford. In the movie, Hobbs could do it all: run, hit, and field with ease. Hobbs would knock the cover off the ball, literally. *Spoiler* the movie ends, with Hobbs hitting a walk homerun into the light at Knights field to win the game. Hobbs like Chapel had an injury to deal with. Hobbs had been shot with silver bullet by a mad woman.

That is my selection on the matter. What are yours?