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Monday, January 29, 2007

A Humble Sammy Sosa???

Sammy Sosa agreed to a minor league deal with the Texas Rangers. Sammy began his career with the Rangers in 1989. He only played 25 games for them before being traded to the White Soxs.

Sammy is trying to make a comeback after sitting out last season. He did not accept the same type of offer from the nationals but chose to accept an offer this year from the Rangers. The Rangers believe Sammy can make the team out of spring training and contribute to the Rangers.

I have to disagree with the Rangers on this one. Did you see what he did with Baltimore two years ago? He hit .221 with 45 RBIs and 14 homers. The Rangers want that kind of production, some Triple A guy would give them that. Why do the Rangers want the baggage that comes with Sammy? Sammy has an ego and strikes out allot. THAT IS NOT GOING TO CHANGE!!!

Texas better hope he doesn't make the team, if he does he will just become a headache!

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Rex Grossman- the Worst Superbowl Quarterback?

Rex Grossman has gone through so much this season and the hits keep coming. This hit like so many others, did not come from the field. The New York Post stated that Rex Grossman is the worst Super Bowl Quarterback in history. This statement is referring to a Quarterback who made it to the Super Bowl and not based on his performance in the game. It can't be based on his performance in the game because he has not played in it.

First off , I would like to say that the New York Post IS WRONG!!! I could go back into past decades and pull out worse Super Bowl Candidates. I will limit my picks to the 90's because I have seen these Quarterbacks. Kerry Collins Giants in 2000, Stan Humphries Chargers 1994, Neil O'Donnell of the Steelers 1995, Chris Chandler Atlanta 1998,Ben Roethlisberger of 2005 of Steelers, QB Brad Johnson Tampa Bay 2002, and Trent Dilfer 2000 Ravens. These Quarterbacks all got to Super Bowl and were worse in the regular season than Grossman.

B. Johnson, T. Dilfer, won the Super Bowl. B. Johnson and Dilfer has great defenses that they rode to the Super Bowl. Dilfer was sooo bad that his team did not score a TD on offense for 15 quarters at 1 point. Big Ben rode his running game and his defense to the Super Bowl. Chandler had a great running game in Jamal Anderson and his dirty bird dance. Stan Humphries had Natron Means during his career year.

The NEW YORK POST, should be familiar with at least two of them Kerry Collins, who is now a backup in Tennessee, and Neil O' Donnell. Kerry Collins was run out of town and has been journeyman QB since his Super Bowl year. O'Donnell after his Superbowl year got a HUGE contract from the Jets who was a bust!

Rex Grossman is not the worst Quarterback to make to the Super Bowl...but he is by no means in the class with Joe Montana, Tom Brady, and Terry Bradshaw.

Rex Grossman is an average Super Bowl QB and for Bears Fans We will take it!

Monday, January 22, 2007

Our Quarterback- Rex Grossman

Rex Celebrating his Touchdown pass to Bernard Berrian!

The Rex Grossman vs Griese debate should be over. REX is the BEARS Quarterback and without him at QB the Bears would not be in the SUPERBOWL. Let me say that again the BEARS would not be in the Superbowl without Rex Grossman. This weekend I heard the worst argument for why GRIESE should be QB of the Bears. The person's arguments was that GRIESE was the second leading passer in Broncos history and the leading passer in Bucs history. First off the Broncos leading passer was John Elway and Griese was after him. That does not mean anything, I COULD have been the second leading passer behind Elway because the Broncos stunk before ELWAY. The leading passer for the BUCS, the Bucs did not win a game for several years at one point. They had Quarterback like Brad Johnson, Shaun King, and Vinny T, so Griese being there leading passer wouldn't surprise me.

Grossman has more playoff wins than Griese 2-0 and has more Superbowl appearances 1-0. Grossman this year, threw more TD passes(23) than ints (20). Grossman started all 16 games the first Bears QB since Erik Kramer in 1995. That has to count for something and his first FULL HEALTHY YEAR he is 15-3 this year. Before this year, he started 8 games, 8 GAMES!!! When the Bears started Rex they were with him through his highs and his lows. The fans and the media should do the same. If you want Tom Brady or Peyton Manning root for the their teams. If you want Griese, we would be a one and done team again. Rex will make mistakes and he WILL make big plays!

The debate is over now and forever REX IS OUR GUY!!


MOST of ESPN( the computer and Boomer) and almost every sports writer on the planet picked the New Orleans Saints to beat the Bears in the NFC TITLE GAME. Well it seems they were ALL WRONG!!! Every analyist I watched was so confident that the Bears were going to lose, they were speaking about the Bears like they were an 8-8 team who some how lucked into the NFC title game. The one guy who stands out in my mind is Meril Hodge. Meril was like the Bears can only win if they create turnovers, if they don't they will lose. He predicted a Saints Blowout like 31-14. Meril Hodge along with others were wrong for the following reasons:

1. The Bears defense was fired up!
The Bears D got tired of hearing how Bush, Brees, McCallister, and Colsten were going to own them. They played like they did in the first four games with pressure on QB and gang tackling players.

2. The Weather
The Bears practiced outside all week and the Saints were in a dome and did not get acclamated to the adverse weather conditions. It was wet slick, snowy, and cold which the Saints were not ready for. There is a reason why the Bears wanted home field advantage, was to have the support of the fans and the weather.

3. The Running Game
The Saints ran over the Eagles with the Deuce! The Saints did not even try to run on the Bears. Deuce had 6 carries for 18 yards. They had 63 rushing yards for the whole game. Shaun Alexander ran wild on the Bears and they did not expliot that. The Bears used our running back tandem to perfection. Softening up the Saints with Cedric Benson and then letting TJ slashed them for 2 TD runs

4. Turnovers
Rex and the Bears did not commit any and the Saints committed four losing three to the Bears. If you win the turnover battle you should win the game. The Saints were stripped by a fired up Bears defense who was hungry for the win.

Those are the four main reason why the Bears defeated the Saints.

the next blog will be about our Embattled Quarterback Rex Grossman

Monday, January 15, 2007


When I was Junior in College, I was back at school early for Track. MLK was supposed to be our long run day. The Temperature was -3 degrees at 8am, the exact time we were going to start running. The head coach gathered us into the van, Us being all the distance runners men and women. We were doing what we called a "drop off" run. Coach would drop us off however many miles we had to run away from campus, we then had to run back. Coach dropped the girls off shorter than us. He dropped off the short guys 9miles away from campus and then dropped off My group 12 miles away from campus. IT was freezing, one guy on our team nose started bleeding on the run. It was soo cold my legs were freezing. When running most of the blood goes to your legs from your heart. Coach eventually made all of us get in the van and drove us back to campus.

I always remember that day as MLK day.

The Bolts were SHOCKED by the BRADY BUNCH

As LT walked off the field, he did something that was not an LT move, he went after some Patriots players. The reason LT gave us was some Patriots were showing up the Chargers by doing the "lights out" dance. LT did everything he could to try and get is Chargers to the AFC title game, it was not enough. His pro-bowl kicker Nate Kaeding misses a 54 yard field goal wide right.

This game was filled with turnovers on both sides of the ball. The guy who rose above those turnovers was who else- but Tom Brady. Brady might be the best the Clutch player in all of sports currently. I think Michael Jordan or Joe Montana are still in class higher than Brady.

Brady got it done when it counted and led his Patriots to another AFC title game.

Other notes from the game, Michael "the burner" Turner will a starter in this league soon. The Chargers will not be able to keep the former NIU running back because of the money it will take.

Poor Marty Schottenheimer, he just cannot win the Big game. He has been the number 1 seed 4 times and not made the Superbowl. What's next for Marty who knows? As for the Bolts their new focus is the draft. For the Pats, next up is the Colts and Peyton. The Pats are all smiles about that!!

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Bears were as good as Solid Gould!!

<---------- Last year against the Saints!

The Bears were propelled into the NFC title game by the leg of Robbie Gould.

The Bears defeated the SeaHawks today at Solider Field, the first home playoff win since 1991! The Bears played very hard and showed the heart that was lacking in last year's game. Rex was not good Rex but he was not bad Rex. He made throws when he had too and did not lose the game. He was Average Rex... which is a hell of a lot better than BAD REX! A comment that was made to me about Rex, if you he plays in the NFL. YOU LET the guy play, live with his mistakes, and just understand that sometimes the defense makes plays!!

The Defense did not play as well as excepted but they did make plays when they had too. Briggs stopped Shaun Alexander in the backfield on a key 4th down. The Bears took the ball away when they needed too and kept the Bears in the game.

Special Teams almost produced a score on Devin Hester return had it not been for Ricky Manning Jr. block in the back. A comment that was made to me was that, Ricky should have not even made that block because any kick returner should be able to beat at least one guy. Devin will make an impact on the playoffs yet.

I will enjoy this victory and I hope the Bears do for today!! Tomorrow we must focus on the Saints!

On when the Saints come marching in------------- TO CHICAGO!!!!!!

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Football gods

Dear Football gods,

I have been a Bears Fan my whole life.I may have liked other teams when I was young but that was only after the Bears were knocked out of the playoffs. This Sunday, The Bears play in their second divisional playoff game in the last two years. The Bears were hear last year and GOT EMBARRESSED by Steve Smith and the Panthers. This year is hopefully will not be the case. I am not overly excited for this game but more nervous because last year I got my hopes up only to be let down. Before last years debacle it was the 2001 loss to the EAGLES at home. I have not seen a Win from the Bears in the Playoffs since 1994, I was 11 years old. the Bears need to do these things to win in my mind.

Three things need to happen for the Bears to Win:

1. Rex needs to be Good Rex!
When I say Good Rex, I mean the Rex of the first five games turnover free and throwing Touchdowns to OUR players. He does not have to be Peyton or Brady just Good Rex. Along these lines the Fan SHOULD not Boo him! Booing him only hurts his confidence and brings the team down. Remember what booing did Corey Patterson, oh yea he was run out of town. First year in Baltimore, Corey had a career year. Chicago fans hopefully learned our lesson. The Seahawks secondary is comprised of people who were working as loan officers last week, and other various people off the street. Rex has torched bad secondaries before, lets hope he does it again. Examples St. Louis, San Fran, and the Healthy Sea Hawks.

2. Pressure the Quarterback!
The Bears Defense needs to pressure Matt Hasselback! He is a rhythm QB and the Bears need to hit him hard and often! The Bears have been having trouble getting pressure and they need to force turnovers which have been lacking as of late.

3. Score on Defense or Special Teams!
The Defense needs a TD or turnover that sets one up. The defense has been lacking in producing those as of late which made our offense so much better playing on a short field. Devin Hester needs to take a kick back to Set Solider field on FIRE! If he does that the crowd will be in it the whole game.

Other key issues: Contain Alexander and the Run the ball.

Having said those thins I would like to wait... BEG the football gods for the Bears to win this game. I have not seen a playoff win since 1994. We beat the Vikings and then went on to get destroyed by San Fran. I would be SO happy if the Bears WON!!

Please football gods let the Bears win this game!!!
Please for me!!!


Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Coaching Track

I am now the distance coach at my alma mater. This will be a great experience for me, to still be apart of the team. There is a difference though, I feel like I don't fit in. The team is roughly the same team as last year's team, the coaches have been coaching together for some time and went to school together. I am in transition, I am not on the team anymore and I don't feel like one of the coaches yet. I am in flux right but soon I WILL FIND my spot!

I think that coaching will good for me to get used to being a leadership and management position. I am excited to see all the guys who were my teammates set Pr's and run for national championships.

I lead the team in a pool workout today, I have been riding the bike on runs, taking splits, and driving the car to mark mile markers.

That's it for now

Saturday, January 06, 2007

What I learned from 2006-2007College Bowl games...

The Bowl season has provided me with some answers to questions that been inside my head all during the college football season.

Question 1: Does the BCS work??

Answer: Maybe- The reason I say maybe is because Michigan was whining about not being in the BCS title game. Everyone including me took up arms from Michigan. USC proved that Michigan did not deserve a rematch.

Question 2: Was Wisconsin # 9 overrated?

Answer: NO WAY! Wisconsin beat a good Arkansas in a game that got close on the end. Wisconsin before that game had only played Michigan and a weak Iowa team during the regular season.

Question 3: Was Notre Dame overrated???

Answer: Hell YES!!! Notre Dame had no business playing LSU in the Sugar Bowl. LSU was a better all around team and they proved it in the second half. Notre Dame did play above their head in the first half but in the end LSU prevailed. Brady Quinn did not live up to hype and should have the rap of not producing in BIG games. That does not matter because Quinn will be Detroit or Oakland, both teams have not played in a BIG game in years.

Question 4: Can small conference compete with the power conferences?

Answer: Boise State!!! Boise State proved that the little guy can hang with the big boys. The Boise State, Oklahoma game was one of the best college football games EVER! Boise State plan was perfect, when Boise State faced a OSU rally, they overcame it. They used trick plays to perfection and further the cause for small schools in the BCS.
Nevada also helped small school by taking a weak Miami team to the wire losing by only 1.

Question 5: Is the Big EAST overrated?

Answer: The Big East was left for dead a few years ago when football powers VA. Tech, BC, and Miami left for the ACC. The Big East is for real, with Rutgers, West Virginia, and Louisville having great seasons and winning all three bowl games. The Big East could produce in 2008 three players in the Heisman trophy race: Steve Slaton -West VA, Ray Rice- Rutgers, and Brian Brohm- Louisville. The Big East is still a football power conference!!

Thoughts on other subjects:
Adding on to previous Blog, Randy Johnson will be shipped back to the desert for prospects and an average reliever. Good deal ARIZONA!

Goodbye Bill Cowher! Football will miss Bill Cowher and his scowl on the sidelines.

Saban leaves for Bama- good move, the dolphins regressed in his second year.

and lastly IF that was not a BRETT FAVRE retirement speech I don't know what is!!