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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Re-Gifting: THe Big Unit back in the Dessert?

<---------------- Randy's Return?
The New York Yankees and Arizona DiamondBacks are in "talks" to send the Big Unit, Randy Johnson back to Arizona. The DiamondBacks are struggling with attendance issues and need a superstar to bring in fans. Randy Johnson enjoyed great years in Arizona throwing a perfect game, winning 4 Cy Young awards, and a World Series Ring/ MVP. Randy has been "average"for Randy Johnson with ERA's of 3.79 and 5.00 in his two seasons in New York. He has however won 17 games both years. That being stated his last year in Arizona 2004, he went 16-14 but with an ERA of 2.60. That ERA stat is telling because the stat means Randy was very good but his team just couldn't SCORE!!!

Arizona needs to get this deal done just as much as the Yankees do. The DiamondBacks need a superstar for their team. Another reason to bring Johnson back would be to bring even more depth to their rotation. Randy does not need to be the Ace, they have Brandon Webb who is the Ace and also WON the Cy young award last year. Randy could fit in nicely with Livan Hernandez who is a horse and Doug Davis who was an All Star last year. With those four pitchers I don't think any team in the NL West can march out four better pitchers. Randy Johnson has 280 wins and if he wins 300 with Diamondbacks, they would bolster their fan base all season. Randy Johnson should then go into the hall of fame as a Diamondback. These reason benefit the Diamond backs.

The deal helps the Yankees because they can get prospects for their depleted farm system and help them get younger. Money with is never an issue with the Yankees can also be saved, Randy is due 15million dollars next season. The money saved by the Yankees could be spent elsewhere.

The benefits for Randy is to closer to home and go back to Arizona where the Fans SHOULD love him. He would win 300 close to home and add to his hall of fame resume in a place that should endure him. His number will improve, he will face 8 hitters in weaker lineups that the NL run out as opposed to the hitter heavy AL.

Can Christmas come late????

Sunday, December 24, 2006

This deal does not make Cents??

Kenny Williams of the White Sox traded Freddy Garcia because of the money he was owed next season. The money was roughly 10 million dollars, the move was also supposed to make room in the White Sox starting rotation for Brandon McCarthy. Today's move shocked me when Kenny Williams traded a very cheap and young Brandon McCarthy to the Texas Rangers for three pitchers.

I thought about this deal for a minute after reading about it on The deal just did not make sense to me. I read earlier this winter that Jon Garland was being shopped and Houston had a deal in place for him. Garland is young also but more expensive than McCarthy. The deal gets weirder because McCarthy had been rumored in trades last year for Crawl Crawford and Soriano. Kenny Williams came out publicly every time and said I will not trade Brandon McCarthy. Now we flash forward to today when he traded McCarthy for three pitchers who have no major league experience and will not help the team in 2007. My thoughts are WHY???!!! Kenny are you nuts???? Why trade a known pitcher for three unknowns? I mean you trade a young cheap pitcher who can help the team next year for guys who will be ready MAYBE in a few years. This does not make sense to me.

Now I am not saying the McCarthy is Cy Young, I am just saying that is a known major league pitcher and the Soxs gave him up for three unknowns. In baseball pitching is even harder to come by especially known pitching. Look at the Cubs, they spent 61 million dollars on avareage pitchers. If you have young known pitching you should keep it. This deal could come back to haunt the Soxs if none of these guys do not turn into a McCarthy type or better.

I understand looking for the future of the organization but come on. The White Soxs won the World Series two years ago and already they are rebuilding???!!! I understand this is not like a white flag trades of the 90's, but still these deals seem bizarre. I understand how they are gonna let Dye and Crede walk, that is because of the money. This deal made today was not based on money and does not make Cents to me?

An Open tryout for the fifth spot in the Sox rotation maybe I should try out.....
Maybe not...

Sox Fans for your sake I hope Kenny knows what he is doing.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Movie Review

I decided to change it up and write something different on here. Last night, I saw the Good Sheppard with Matt Damon. The movie was about the formation of the CIA and the secrets in WWII / cold war. Matt Damon is supported by De niro, and A. Jolie as a general and his wife. The movie is long and full of secrets that are only revealed at the end before the formation of the CIA. You cannot get up and leave the movie at anytime or you will miss something. It has flash backs as well. It is almost 3hrs so hopefully you can sit still for that long.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Fire Matt Millen

It has come to this..... A walk out against the Bears to hopefully get the attention of Will Ford. Fire Matt Millen! I am Bears fan so I love to see Detriot suffer. I also feel for them because the Bears were in a similar situation some years ago. This sad era started against the Bears in the old Metrodome.

Stoney Case dropped back to pass and was hit by R.W. McQuarters who forced the fumbled. Paul Edginer then hit a 51 yard field goal to knock the Lions out of the playoffs. That was the last time the Lions even sniffed the playoffs.

Bring in Matt Millen, who has bumbled draft after draft. He picked Joey Harrington who was a bust, picked THREE wide receivers in a row, Charles Rodgers, Roy Williams, and Mike Williams all busts. Roy Williams shows flashes of talent but he can't do it all himself.

Lions fans are so discussed they have made a website and are now trying to organize a walkout.

Thank goodness, I am a Bears fan, we are worried about the playoffs, the Lions are worried about the status of Matt Millen.

Keep Matt Millen for Bears fans :)

Sports Brief

First off for everyone who plays video games Rent or buy Gears of War. It is a great game. On the movie front, I am eager to see the Good Shepard, and We are Marshall. Enough of that talk, now on to sports.

The Bears defense is looking average and Rex Grossman is carrying the Bears to victories. The Tank Johnson problem is not helping matters. All of this could add up to another one and down playoffs for the Bears. Panic is starting to set in.

The other big story is the Eagles return flight to playoff contention under Jeff Garcia. Jeff has gotten the Eagles into position to take the lead in the NFC east this weekend with a win over the Cowboys. T.O will do something to bring more attention to himself after this game as always.

College Football
The Bowls have started this week with one in the books and more to come. The BCS bowls will be the major focus. The Bowl with the most coverage thus far is not OSU vs Florida. It is LSU vs Notre Dame. LSU is favored to kill Notre Dame. I believe LSU will Kill Notre Dame because ND's defense is TOO SLOW. LSU can score and their defense is very tough. LSU should Win by alot. Brady Quinn will not win a bowl game in his tenure at Notre Dame and is Doomed for his first 5 years in the NFL.

The Cubs have signed Jason Marguis to pitch in their rotation. The reason, Larry Rothschild said he would be worth it. Larry was the reason one of the reasons the rotation sucked last year. I hope Larry fixes Jason otherwise three years of 6.02 era will not be fun. The Cubs have spent soo much money this offseason on players.

The White Soxs have taken a different approach by trading Freddy Garcia for young pitchers and trying to move John Garland. This moves are based on saving money. The Soxs are not going to try and resign Joe Crede and Jermaine Dye because of money issues. The Soxs have prospects ready to take over at those positions. The Soxs look to stay a small market team in one of the largests markets baseball.

The Red Soxs have not signed JD. Drew because he is injured before the season started. This bodes well for a 5 years 70 million dollar deal. DON'T DO IT!

The NFL Draft
I know this a long way away but I was thinking about Notre Dame vs LSU. Brady Quinn should be the first pick of the draft or at very least top 5. Poor Brady Quinn will be drafted by either Detriot, Oakland, Houston, Tampa, and or Cleveland. Like I said Poor Brady Quinn.


Tuesday, December 12, 2006


The most scrunitized player in all of sports besides AROD is Rex Grossman. Everyone anointed him MVP after the first five games including myself. The winds of change rolled into Solider field and everyone said he was the reason the Bears would not win the Superbowl. Last night was his chance to Keep or LOSE his job, Rex kept his job with his performance last night. He went 13 of 23 with 2 touchdown passes and NO TURNOVERS. The most important stat is the NO turnovers. There was a controversal play that benefited Rex and Bears. Rex was hit and the ball came lose and St. Louis recover, the play was over overturned because his arm was going forward. That was a big play because Rex could have thought things were going bad again and reverted to old Bad Rex mode. Hopefully this is an indication that better things are to come, but then again we have to look who he played St. Louis and who he will play the Bucs, Lions, and Packers. These last three games should be seen as meaningful because they could build more confidence for Rex and the Bears offense. Rex needs to keep in perspective the FIRST real game he is gonna play with be at home in the first playoff game.

Another electric performance from Devin Hester who took not one but two kicks back to touchdowns. I am in disbelieve how good he is. I will come out and say I ripped the Bears for taking him and not a wide reciever. Maybe that is why they are in the NFL and I am writing this in graduate school. He should be Rookie of the year in the NFL but most likely it will go to Reggie Bush because of his name. Reggie has come on as of late making the Cowboys look silly.

Go Bears!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

A Tribute to my grandma

I would like to wish everyone who reads this to pray for Grandma, she needs your prayers. I know she prints these off for my Grandpa and reads them herself. Grandma and Grandpa have followed my sporting career from the beginning from the days when I played Soccer to my last race at track conference(Grinnell). Grandma has always been there when I needed her and now she needs everyone's prayers. Please pray for my grandma.


Monday, December 04, 2006


The BCS or Bullcrap selection system is the what the BCS stands for. Michigan is not going to Title game because they have not played in two weeks and Florida is going because they squeaked by FSU and had to pull all the stop to beat Arkansas. Michigan should not be at fault because the Big TEN does not have a title game! Florida coach Urban Meyer petitioned the coaches in the polls to vote for his team, who played a DII school three weeks ago. THEY PLAYED A DII that late in the season and they go to the BCS title game seems ludricous to me. My best friend who plays in DI program, told me that Florida played a DII team, DI teams should warm up with those games not play them that late in the season. Wisconsin played Western ILL as one of their games early games. Wisconsin beat down WIU but they were left out of the BCS and they were RANKED 9th. Double standard to me.... I think so.

Florida will get crushed by OSU and it will be a horrible game. Michigan got screwed and gets to play USC which should be a great game. UCLA made my college football weekend when they beat USC. USC is the media darling and everyone loves USC, which makes me sick(I root for ND which everyone loves or hates).

The BCS needs to go to a playoff system because of the deals they have with bowl games. The same teams play in the same bowl game every year. LSU seems to play in the Sugar every year and wouldn't you know it in New Orleans. They should have the top 8 play in a playoff system and then have bowl games for everyone else who wins 6 games.

REX Grossman is our Quarterback!
Lovie Smith made that clear with the repeatingly saying that during a press conference after the BEARS WIN! NFC north champions 2007


Sunday, December 03, 2006


<------ Rex throwing another INT
Enough is enough, Rex Grossman needs to benched!!! This team is putting together a great season and possibly its best Superbowl contender since 1986, I say 1986 because the Bears did not win the superbowl that year, if Grossman continues to start and play as bad as he is, the Bears WILL NOT WIN a PLAYOFF GAME!! Don't even consider the superbowl because the Bears will not get there if Rex commits 4 turnovers a game. Everything is working well for the Bears except for Grossman who is getting worse week after week. He does not checkdown and has been missing open receivers. He forces passed into double coverage and throws it deep every chance he gets. The defense seems to save his ass by getting a INT or fumble recovery after a INT thrown by Grossman. If he struggles next time out, you have to Bench him and try Griese. If anything to see if Griese is any better, if not then you go back to Rex to fiqure it out but LOVIE has to take a chance! There is more risk to leave Rex in because he does not LEARN!
Chicago fans myself including have not had a QB to happy about since Jim McMahon.
There were flashes to get happy about Jim Miller, Erik Kramer, and now Rex Grossman. If Rex continues this trend he will be lumped into the likes of Cade Mc CLOWN, Johnthon I DON't WIN QUINN, and Henry I should sold my jersey to Kordell BURRIS. We need a change at QB whether its Griese, Orton, maybe Jim Miller is still available???
If the Bears were a bad team, let Rex fiqure it out and play through it...... but they are contenders and there needs to be a change. Bring Back the REX of the FIRST 5 games!!
Devin Hester is a beast and the Bears need to get him involved on offense with a reverse of a short pass or something. This guys needs the ball more. The defense is amazing and people who kiss the ass of the Ravens should take a look at the Bears defense. I hope someone has the mocky to Bench him or get him to fiqure it out! Maybe the Bears should start looking into drafting a QB high and going with Griese next year and let REX GO.....
We shall see