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Sunday, April 01, 2007

It's been a while

Since my last blog a lot things have transpired in the world of Sports. I was at a track meet that was cancelled due to lighting and severe winds. A tornado did touch down a few miles away from where the meet was. Coaching has been a new experience for me with more bumps in the road as of late but nothing that I can handle. I am getting a new perspective on what goes into preparing for the season.

Moving along, the Bears convention is taking place in Chicago this weekend at the Hilton Towers. The issues being addresses was Grossman's in the shotgun, the Briggs situation, and the draft. I read that Briggs could be traded but only if the Redskins are any other team in the NFL increases the package. My thought on that situation are mixed, if they trade him they give into to his demands or he sits most of the season and then plays not to get hurt. I say trade him and get as much value as he can. Let him go to a team who does not run the cover 2 like the Redskins, and see how he likes it.

Baseball began tonight with Cards vs the Mets, Chicago teams will kick off tomorrow. The Cubs open with the Reds and the Soxs open with the World Series Pick the Indians. I personally think this could be a year where either The Cubs make the playoffs and the Sox do not or Both teams do not make the postseason. The reason I do not give the Soxs a chance to make the playoffs is because they did not improve their team and their division is much improved. There are four teams fighting for the divison lead and all are World Series contenders. I guess we shall we what happens with both teams.

The managers for both the Soxs and Cubs will be entertaining to watch .
See ya