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Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Major changes was the word BLOWING out of White Sox management specially Kenny Williams. I use the word "blowing" because Kenny was full of HOT AIR. Kenny did nothing of substance to improve his ball club for the future. He traded to bench players to contending NL teams and decided to hold onto Veteran players.

If Kenny Williams resigns Jermaine Dye, IT WILL BE A MISTAKE! Dye is a good hitter when he is healthy, but if the first half was an indication of things to come, Dye is slowing down. I see the reasoning in keeping him. Kenny is trying to keep a potential 3-4-5 in Konerko, Thome, and Dye together for a few more years. Kenny could then fill in younger players around them.

I have some problems with that 3-4-5 in that, they are all home run hitters, Dye and Thome are injury prone, and all got off to slow starts this season.

That's it

Monday, July 30, 2007

Countdown to deadline

The baseball trading deadline is upon us. The non-waiver trading deadline will have expired by 2pm central time tomorrow.

The White Sox were SUPPOSED to be a shopping center, where contenders could buy a starter or a position player from the Sox. That was thought going into July, the thought is now that the Sox might not trade anybody. The Sox wanted to move Jermaine Dye but their asking price was too high. Now the word for Sox management is they are trying to sign DYE to an extension.
The other player the Sox wanted to move is Jose Contreras. Joe Contreras is AWFUL and nobody wants him. If the Sox move him, it will be after he clears waivers.

The Cubs are in a different situation. The Cubs might be buyers at the trade deadline. The Cubs have a need for another right handed bat. There is also some grumbling around the media that the Cubs are looking for another OFFENSIVE hitting catcher. Jason Kendall has not worked out thus far. A rumor in the media is that the Cubs are going to get a catcher from Texas, in Gerald Laird.

I am not overly impressed with Larid's numbers. I also have heard Jay Payton outfielder, and Ryan Church another outfielder.

We shall see tomorrow

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Chicago has gone INSANE

Insane in the Membrane... Those are the words in the Crypus hill song, that seems to have became the "song" of the 2007 Chicago Cubs. My thoughts on the song is WHY NOT! The Cubs are playing insanely good baseball of as late.

The reason this team is insane is because of its - to steal a line from the Sox- "grinder" players Mike Fontenot, Ryan Theroit, Koye Hill, and Mark Derosa. These guys can manufacture runs with their plate discipline, legs, and INSANE attitude. The Cubs are now a mix of speed and power. That is a difference from Cubs teams of the past who were just built on the home run.

My point was made today when the Cubs outscored the Giants 9-8 today WITHOUT a home run. The Cubs team of 2007 can beat with hit & runs, sacrifice bunts, stolen bases, great pitching, and timely hitting, something that has been missing from Cubs teams for a very long time.

The Cubs are ALMOST a blueprint of the 2005 White Sox. The White Sox of 2005 had "grinder" players, they could steal bases, lay down sacrifice bunts, and GREAT pitching. After the 2005 season, the Sox took a page from the Cubs playbook and built themselves around the home run.

I would say that building a team around the home run is a bad idea, Jim Hendry learned his lesson and Kenny Williams is now learning his.

.....Insane in the Brain...

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Michael Vick is a _ICK

You can insert any letter you would like infront of the "_ick" to describe Michael Vick. Michael Vick was indicted on charges of breeding and having Dogs fights. I read the report of how they treated the dogs in these fights. If one dog did not kill the other, Michael and his cronies killed the dog in some INHUMANE way. I felt sick when thinking about how they treated those dogs. I felt worse because my family has two dogs of our own and I love dogs. I cringe at the thought of those dogs being harmed. THIS IS AWFUL and VICK needs to be put in jail for these crimes. If I was the Falcons I would RELEASE him right now.

The NFL several years ago was pushing Michael Vick as the next big thing. They even tried to change his name to Mike Vick, so they could use the Be like MIKE SONG. The NFL I bet is regretting that decision right now. The Falcons I bet are regretting trading Matt Schuab right now.

Vick claims he had no knowledge of dog fighting on his property. I believe Michael is full of SH*T. Some sources stated that Vick would invite players to come bet and witness dog fights.

The new commissioner Roger Goddell SHOULD and hopefully will suspend Vick for the whole season and maybe muti-seasons. Pacman Jones did less than this and got a whole year, Tank got half the year. Vick deserves atleast one year if not more.

I am appalled being a dog lover at the actions of the people in dog fighting and I CONDEM everyone who has any knowledge of dog fighting.

Michael VICK is SICK!!

Trader Kenny

With the trade deadline approaching, I thought I would recap some deals that Kenny made recently.

In 2005, Kenny Williams pulled all the right strings and made all the rights moves...before that season. Kenny got Scott Podsednik, Jermaine Dye, Jose Contreras, Dustin Hermanson, Bobby Jenks, Freddy Garcia, Orlando Hernandez (El Duque) and others with deals before the 2005 season. That team GROSSLY overachieved that season with the the White Soxs getting the most out of every player. The deals worked out and Kenny looked like a genuis.

In 2006, Kenny tried to improve the Champs by adding Javier Vazquez, for minor league outfielder Chris Young, El Duque, and Luis Vizcaino (who they got from the Brewers along with Posednik for Carlos lee). Kenny also added Jim Thome for Gio Gonzalez and Aaron Rowand. These deals look great on paper, the Sox got the better end of both deals right?

WRONG- Thome and Javy Vazquez have produced but did not help the Sox back to the World Series. Chris Young could have filled the void in center field for Sox now. The Sox chose Brian Anderson instead, Young is finding his bat finally with the Arizona Diamond backs.

In 2007, Kenny traded Brandon McCarthy for Nick Masset and Jon Danks. Danks as been a "usable " 5th starter and Masset is part of that HORRID bullpen. That deal was a wash in my mind because McCarthy has been injured all season.

Kenny also dealt Freddy Garcia to the Phillies for Gavin Floyd, and Gio Gonzalez. This deal could be better in the future, if Gio Gonzalez comes up and flourishes. Right now this deal is a wash.

Other deals were made for Matt Thorton, Boon Logan, Mike Mac Dougal and Andrew Sisco. ALL BAD!!!

If these deals are any indication of what is in store for the future, the future should not be good.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Gentlemen JIM?

The Cubs won their 4th game in a row by defeating the San Francisco Giants. Jim Hendry made a deal with the STRUGGLING A's for Jason Kendall. The Cubs sent resently acquired Rob Bowen and minor league Jerry Blevins. Blevens is a left handed pitcher with good numbers in the minors.

The reason this deal got done for the Cubs is because Jason Kendall fills their need for a hitting catcher and was "cheap". Kendall is due 13 million dollars this season, but then his contract is up which works for the Tribune company who do not want to add long term debit. The A's are also sending an undisclosed amount of money to the Cubs with Kendall.

This could be the first in a series of moves made by the CUBS. The Cubs are trying to move JACQUE JONES and Cesar Isturis. In case you are not a Cubs fan or have not been watching as of late, Jacque Jones has been playing in Center field. MY reasoning behind that is to boast his "trade value" and audition him for other teams to see. Cesar is not playing but a good defender. Cesar could get something decent in return because of teams recent struggles at the short shop position namely in BOSTON. With Cesar gone Ronny Cedeno could come back up from Iowa.

The Kendall trade could be the first move between the A's and Cubs. The A's fiqure to be sellers at the trading deadline with "movable" players such as Shannon Stewart and Joe Kennedy. In MY opinion Shannon Stewart and Joe Kennedy would meet the needs of another hitter and a another left handed reliever for the Cubs.

With the trade deadline nearing expect more deals to come out of CHICAGO!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Albert not so GREAT

Well there was one storyline that got everyone attention during the 2007 All-star game and that was where was ALBERT PUJOLS? The stage could not have been set more perfectly, two-on and two-out bottom of the 9th with the NL trailing by 1. Tony La Russa has his guy, Pujols ready to pinch hit and win the game for the NL.

What does La Russa do? He lets Orlando Hudson bat and then Aaron Rowand flies out to end the game. These guys are both nice players but not on the SAME level as Pujols. Pujols is the guy you want batting with the game on the line if your ANY Manager in All-Star game let alone the guys regular season manager.

Pujols got so deep into the head of Brad Lidge with his NLCS home run two years ago, that Lidge has not been the same pitcher since that homer. Albert is one of the best hitters in baseball. It just seems STUPID to me, not pinch hit him after Derek lee gets on in that game.

This controversy with Pujols gives credence to my argument in the blog previous to this one that the All-star game is flawed. If this game mattered to Tony, he would have pinch hit Pujols for Orlando Hudson in a heart beat. This whole home field advantage doesn't even change the mindset of managers who were just in the World Series. The game is a meaningless exhibition in their minds and was managed as such.

The one guy Tony La Russa could not afford to upset is now ANGRY!

The All-Star game

The All-Star game was won by the AL for the TENTH straight year. Somehow I knew that would be result before the game even started. I did not watch the whole game, I flipped between other shows. I think most other viewers did the same thing. Bud Selig and baseball tried to counter act the recent BOREDOM of the game by making it count for home field advantage in the WORLD SERIES!

MLB started making the game count in 2003. Since 2003, home field advantage has not come into play during the WORLD SERIES, so this plan has back fired! Another reason the game is boring is because EVERY team has to be represented. I honestly did not care to see Gil Meche or Michael Young introduced this year. THEY are not All-stars, they are jokes.

Another joke is the selection process, how does Carlos Beltran make it and Jimmy Rollins does not? Its popularity contest with the bigger market players getting voted in by their fans.

The All Star game does not have the same affect it did, when there was no ESPN. MLB needs to change the WHOLE weekend. LASTLY PLEASE GET SOMEONE ELSE TO CALL THE GAME!!! PLEASE I AM BEGGING YOU!!! JOE BUCK IS HORRIBLE!!!

Thank god the second half starts tomorrow!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The "Homerrun" Derby

The Home Derby was VERY boring last night. The Derby was boring for a number of reasons. The first reason was the time of day. The shadows were creeping in during the first and second rounds. The shadows affects when the batter picks up the ball from the pitcher. The results was near miss home runs and late swings.

The second reason was the stadium, AT&T is not a homer friendly park. Barry Bonds may make it look easy (maybe its the steroids) but it is a tough place to hit home runs.

The last reason the Home run Derby was boring, might just be the rules. I went to the 2003 Derby at the CELL. The SECOND round was the best round of the Derby. By the end of the 2003 and 2007 Derby both finalist tired out. A solution to would be a shortening of either round or outs? Its cool in person and seems to be getting LAME on TV.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Kenny makes his MARK

Kenny Williams and the White Sox finally did the RIGHT thing and signed Mark Buehrle to a four year 56 million contract extension. This was not the same deal that had been turned down by Mark early last week. The deal was altered to meet the needs of both sides. Mark got a limited no-trade clause. The limits are that Sox, have a window where Mark cannot block a trade. IF Mark is traded the deal jumps up to a 5 year 75 million dollar deal. The Sox get there man for now and can trade him if they want. Mark stays with the Sox and if he gets traded he gets a Market Value deal!

This a great deal for both sides. I applaud both sides for getting this deal done. The Sox would have been stupid to trade Mark. There are few left handed starters available with the durablity and win-loss record of Mark Buehrle. Mark is also young (28) and has never been injured. Mark has been compared to Barry Zito because there numbers match up. Barry Zito is in decline and Mark Buehrle shows no signs of slowing down. When Kenny Williams looks back on this deal, he will be able to smile.

This deal, however, has some ripple affects within the organization. The Sox can expect pitchers to ask for 4 year deals. One pitcher that the Sox should expect to ask for a four year deal is Jon Garland. Jon Garland could command a deal similar to Buehrle on the open market. The Sox should begin talking to Garland agent this off season using the Buehrle deal as the framework for Garland's deal. I would lock up Garland and keep the 1-2 punch of Buehrle and Garland together.

This deal also means that Sox have one less need to fill at the trade deadline. Now the issues facing Kenny Williams how to re-tool the White Sox in 2008.

Kenny can pencil in Mark Buehrle to pitch every five days in 2008 and that's a good start.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Big man found?

The Bulls have been in need of post scoring presence for the last several years. John Paxson has started his search for an inside presence. Paxson has been exploring trade options for an inside scorer. The trade front so far has been dormant. Paxson has turned his attention to the free agent market for a inside presence.

Chris Mihm and Joe Smith are the first two candidates for the inside presence. Chris Mihm will always be remembered for his HORRID dancing during the Lakers championship celebration. Chris Mihm averaged 10 points per game in 2006. Chris Mihm spent last year out of basketball because of an injury. That is a red flag for me on Mihm. Joe Smith played the Sixers and scored 8.5 points per game. Joe Smith is 31 years old, but is a priority of the Sixers to resign.

The guy who appeals to me, is DARKO MILICIC. Darko was a restricted free agent of the Orlando Magic. That was until the Orlando Magic went out and signed the big free agent Rashard Lewis from the Sonics. In order to free up money to sign Rashard Lewis, the Magic are going to make Darko a unrestricted free agent.

If I was John Paxson, I would be on the phone calling Darko's agent right now. Darko had similar numbers to Mihm and Joe Smith. Darko has two advantages over Mihm and Smith. Darko is younger than Mihm and Smith. Darko is 22 years old. Darko also played in the playoffs last season and his number in improved from 8.0s per game to 12.0 per game. Darko was also a number 2 pick of the Pistons three years ago, so he is a first round talent.

I also think that by signing Darko, the Bulls can keep the core of Gordon, Deng, Hinrich, and Noc together. If Paxson signs Darko, I have no doubt he will still persue trade options, so its a win-win signing.


Monday, July 02, 2007

Kenny say it ain't so

The latest twist in the Mark Buerhle saga, is that MARK will be traded. The Sox were close to getting Mark to sign a 4-year 65 million dollar contract. That contract however is below market value(if you can believe that) for a pitcher such as Mark. If Mark signed that deal, it would make him more marketable to be traded than he is now. Kenny Williams will not give him a no-trade clause because the Sox have a history of not keeping their pitchers for the length of their contracts. Mark would not sign the deal without the no-trade clause.

A recent example of this policy would be Freddy Garica. Freddy was scheduled to make 14 million this season, in the last year of his three year deal with the Sox. The Sox traded him to the Phillies as we all know for Gavin Floyd and Gio Gonzalez (minor league pitcher). The Sox also tried to trade Jon Garland to the Astros this past off season. Garlands contract expires after next season.

Mark understands that if he signed the deal, he would not be White Sox no more than 2 out of the 4 years. Tonight, most likely will be Mark Buerhle's last start as US. Celluar as a HOME pitcher. He should receive a standing ovation when he walks off the field for the last time.

The latest rumor has Mark going to the METS or Cardinals.

Goodbye Mark Buerhle, thanks for the memories!

The All Star game

The midsummer classic once described the All-Star game. The game has sunk in rating the last few years so MLB decided to make the game count. The Squad (AL or NL) that won the ALL-Star game would get home field advantage in the World Series. This was supposed to help the game, instead it made the game EVEN more boring. Another element that was supposed appease the fans was making mandatory to take a player from each team. This is a STUPID RULE. Nobody wants to see anybody from the Royals, Pirates, Devil Rays, and maybe even the WHITE SOX this year.

The fans voted in Barry Bonds because the game is in SAN FRAN, no other reason. I thought if Barry got it SAMMY SOSA should have been in the game. He has hit for power and is third in AL in RBI's. He is the only Ranger player I would want to see there.

The All-Star game is becoming dangerously close to the PRO-BOWL. There is not a more pointless game than the Pro-Bowl because they change the rules and nobody hits. OH yeah, The Fans don't care about the game either. I think ALL-STAR weekend will never reach Pro-Bowl status because of the Home run derby, but the All-Star game itself maybe already be on the Pro-bowls level.

I will watch the Derby and maybe the game. I am however more excited about the DERBY.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Sports Rants!

The Bulls

The NBA draft was this past Thursday filled with desperate moves by General managers, but no MEGA-DEAL! The only team, that I seriously care about is the Chicago Bulls. The Bulls took Joakim Noah with the ninth pick. Noah was the safe pick, but did not ENTIRELY meet the need of the Bulls. The Bulls needed a big man who could score with his back to the basket. Noah is another hustle/energy big man.

Noah is a safe big man, who could help the BULLS. I would like to Bulls to trade for Kevin Garnett or at least try. I think Noah could be used in a deal to get Garnett. If the Bulls offered Joakim Noah, Ben Gordan, P.J. Brown and Chris Duhon for Kevin Garnett. I feel that would be the best deals for Both teams.

The White Sox

The Sox tried to work out a deal for Mark Buerhle. The deal was worth 65 million for 4 years. The sticking point that killed the deal was Buerhle's camp wanted a no-trade clause. Buerhle would not sign the deal without a no-trade clause.

I tend to agree with Buerhle and his agent. The deal proposed was below market value, if Mark signed the deal, the Sox could have dealt the pitcher to a team like the Yankees for below market value. If he signed the deal with the Sox it actually makes him more marketable because he is no longer a rent a player. The Sox swept the Devil Rays and won 2 of 3 from the Royals.

The Cubs

The Cubs have been playing GREAT baseball as of late. The Cubs have won 8 of 9, taking 2 of 3 from the first place Brewers this weekend. The little guys Fontenot, Theriot, and free agent acquistion DeRosa have been the gas that have helped the Cubs engine get on a roll. The Bullpen which was the identified strength during the spring, is finally starting to flex its MIGHT! Carlos Marmol has found his nitch on this team as the flame thrower on the team. Carlos is starting to be a go to guy for LOU late in the game.

The Cubs did close up a game on the Brewers and now are 6.5 back.

Tomorrow's blog All star selections