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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Theo being Theo

Manny being Manny is the phrase that is associated with the Red Soxs but Theo being Theo is going to be the new phrase. Theo has tried to trade Manny Ramirez for the same several years now. This year he might actually get it done because of his Bargain salary of 38 million for the next two years. Theo is going to try and replace Manny's production with J.D Drew and Julio Lugo- YIKES! Lugo and Drew will not come close to 30 homers and over a 100 RBIs Manny produces. Manny is a hall of famer and they are gonna trade him for prospects. Theo is the genius that orchestrated the 2003 World Series Championship team. I think now Theo is in love with his own genius and is making rash deals. Theo is just being Theo by making a deal that he thinks will make the Red Soxs better. Theo's previous moves were good in signing Schilling and Foukle, J.D Drew and Lugo and trading Manny bad moves! Their lineup is gonna suffer and they will not make the PLAYOFFS.

2007 AL east champions New York Yankees

Hell Freezes over!!!

The Raiders being horrible on offense demoted Tom Walsh offensive cordinator. Raider players felt his play calling has been offensive as of late. Tom RAN a bed and breakfast for the last 9 years, unless the NFL had come to involve making beds and serving people food the Raiders offense would suffer. Art Shell made the right call by demoting Walsh. So the Raiders turn over the offense to JOHN SCHOOP! All Bears fan remember Schoop from the Dick Jauron Era, he was the offensive cordinator that ran 4 yard outs on 3rd and 6. He was known for short passes that DID not go down the field. The Bears offense was Horrible when Schoop was calling the plays. The Raiders are desperate for offense and this is not the answer. It might seem better than Bed and Breakfast TOM, but in the end it is another bad offensive cordinator on another bad team! I never thought that John Schoop would be given the Keys to another offense.

I forgot to state this a while back- ever notice how many old Bears from the Jauron Era are on the Bills now? Well I noticed two but I bet if you look harder there would be more, the two are Anthony Thomas and Mike Gandy former Bear first and second round picks. Funny how they are both on Jauron's NEW team. I will say some team needs to give A-Train a chance to be there starter, Houston maybe or LA. He is a proven back who can carry the rock.

Two heavy weight bouts = Two knockouts

I was very dissapointed this weekend when both my teams in College and Pro Football lost this weekend.

The first game was ofcourse Notre Dame vs USC. USC was the favorite and during the game it seemed apparent they were the better team. I personally hate USC because of all the media coverage they receive and the fact that they were the big story the last few years because of their national championships run. I also still have some bitterness toward the Reggie Bush push from last year. Somewhere in my head I knew USC was going to win, I just didn't want to admit it. I know most feel the same about Notre Dame because all the coverage they get but during that Broadcast they were kissing John David Booty's ass the whole time. Does his name sound like a GUN-MAN( Lee Harvey Oswald and John Wilkes Booth)?

Charlie Weis has improved that offense, now he needs some speed on defense because they are step slow against good teams such as Ohio State last year and Michigan/USC this year. Brady Quinn better enjoy the glory at Notre Dame because he is destined to be in Oakland with the Raiders, or in Detriot with the Lions- POOR BRADY!!!

The Bears played the other title fight against the Patriots. Turnover fest should have been the title of this one. 9 turnovers and the Bears won the turnover battle but lost the game. Rex Grossman turned in another bad game. Da Coach raised an issue that make sense to me, the Bears throw too many SKinny POST pattern and teams are sitting on them. A.Samuel picked off two skinny posts in the game, change up the offense Ron Turner. I still do not know what to do with Rex Grossman, bench him for Griese or leave him and let him sort it out. Bottom line is the team is better with Rex Grossman this year then the Bears were last year. Griese might never make the big throw like Rex does to Berrian

Friday, November 24, 2006

Wierd Thoughts

So Thanksgiving produced some interesting thoughts "What is the purpose of Netutral on a Car"? and "Why are people so fake??" The fake people I will share about. Did you ever see someone you used to hang out with/work with/ or go to school with? Did you ever notice that they alway say, hey let's hang out(get together) sometime and then you never hear from them. Why is that? Are we so concerned with our face that we will lie to people just to not make them feel bad. Personally I would just like the truth, if you say hi and we talk fine and then you say well maybe I'll see around, fine by me. You didn't lie and don't give people the wrong idea. I'd just thought I would share that.

The best game of Thanksgiving most people could not even watch because it was on NFL network!!! Well let me rephrase that, most people in the Chicago-Land area could not see it because Comcast does not offer NFL network.

The Dallas Cowboys looked like a great team on turkey day, with TONY ROMO 5 TD passes, while Detriot sucked as always and the Best game was not on regular cable.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Thanksgiving DAY!!

The annual thanksgiving four mile was today. I ran 27 something as opposed to the 25 something I ran last year. That's what happens when you do not run and are not a team anymore. I will say this I was impressed that BIG BOY ran the race and ran 7:30's for the first two miles and then shut it down. Other family members were present who shall remain nameless and I did run into some girl I knew in highschool. Moving along....

This week is one of the greatest weeks in sports. Soriano signs with the Cubs for far too much money and ofcourse FOOTBALL!!! We get football on Sunday, Monday, Thursday, (College)Saturday, Sunday, and then Monday...WOW.. Only Bowl week is better for football, althought I hate the BCS... But who doesn't. If anyone likes the BCS please set forward..... I wanted Rutgers to mess up the BCS but it didn't happen...

The Thanksgiving games always feature Detroit and Dallas. Thus far Detroit has made a decent showing of themselves today against Miami, maybe the League should scheducle a easier team so we can see a good game every year because Detriot sucks...

In the second game Dallas plays Tampa which looked good on paper at the start of the year but the BUCS are awful this year. The intrique is about Tony Romo from E. ILLIONIS playing in a PRIME TIME game, let see how Tony handles this one.

Games to look foward to this weekend are: Saturday Notre Dame vs USC and Sunday BEARS vs PATS!!!

Enjoy your turkey day!! GOBBLE GOBBLE

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Risky Business

Tom Cruise is not involved in this risky business, he is to busy getting married to a brainwahsed Katie Holmes... DID I WRITE THAT??? OOOPSSS!TO think I want to be him in TOP GUN. Whoever produced MI 3, that was risky business.
This risk business involves general managers of baseball teams namely your Chicago CUBS.

The Cubs made the biggest splash in the free agent market signing Soriano to A HUGE 136 million 8 year contract. This contract is way too long in my view, 8 years!!!! He is a 40 homer and 40 stolen base guy but he can't do that for 8 years. He will 31 years old next season and he will be 39 at the end of the deal. His power numbers and speed will decrease by the end of the deal. This move will benefit the Cubs in the short term but in the long term, it is a bad move. I will say this the Cubs are trying to put together a winner. They are spending money with reckless abandon that only the Yankess can admire. The Cubs need to sign pitching still but who knows how much ammo is left in the war chest. Which pitcher will they buy? Sources say Gil Meche...YIKES... He sucks- ERA 4.48!

Juan Pierre former Cub now is signing with the Dodgers for 45 million over 5 years. My thoughts are WHY??? The guy does not hit for power and is a faster version of Kenny Lofton who the dodgers had last year. They also have Rafael Furcal who is a leadoff man as well a 13 million a year. So now they have two leadoff men in a lineup that last year struggled to score runs. The Dodgers will have alot of baserunners this upcoming season but no one to bring them in. The Dodgers also took a risk by resigning NOMAR for two years. This move was forced by JD Drew who opted out his contract. That move regardless of what people think helped the DODGERS because JD DREW is a corvette. Looks really good and is very fast with a fiberglass body, JD Drew looks like a five tool player but is always injuried.

One team that is always good for a risky move who has been quiet this offseason is Kenny Williams and the White Soxs. He always makes big splash in the offseason with a trade. (examples Jim Thome and the busts David Wells, Todd Ritchie.) You have to overlook the busts because he did put togther a World Series WINNER.The first team in over 90 years in Chicago, so we look the other way on some bad moves. Kenny is rumored to be having some deals in the works though. Javy Vasquez is rumored to be on his way to Texas and Freddy could be on the move a well possibly NY Mets or Yankees.

More RISKY moves are expected in baseball with Manny Ramirez's name being tosses around in trade rumors now because he is CHEAP at 20 million a year for 2 years. JD Drew is still out there and anyone who signs him is taking a risk.

By the Way everyone criticizes the GM for making bad moves which is fine but some GMs get away with bad moves all the time and get no flak for it. Dave Littlefield of the Pirates I am talking about you. You MAKE THE WORST trades with your "tradeable" players getting virutally nothing in return, no good prospects or worthwhile major leaguers. Example Xavier Nady for Roberto Hernendez and Oliver Perez.. your biggest chips(which are not that good) for one a average major leaguer. You could have gotten more for that. Cubs fan love him for the 2003 deals ofKenny Lofton, Aramis Ramirez, and Randall Simon for crappy prospects and a strikeout prone 3rd basemen. Dave Littlefield are you friends with Matt MILLEN????!!!! Both you guys have a knack for bad moves

Well more hot stove to come with more RISKY MOVES......

Thursday, November 16, 2006

wheeling and dealing- baseball's hot stove

The hot stove is sizzling this offseason with trades and free agent signings. Money is always the issue in baseball because some teams like Kansas City don't spend alot of it, while teams like Boston and New York spend TONS of money. This offseason contracts are going to pay out the most money since the 2000 offseason when Manny(120 million) and AROD (252million) signed their MEGA-DEALS. Pitchers with just above 500 records and very HIGH ERAs are standing to make 10 million a year. 10 million a year TO BE an AVERAGE to slightly ABOVE average pitcher, I should have never stopped playing baseball.

The Cubs are one of the big players this offseason with re-signing Kerry Wood and Aramis Ramirez. The Cubs also added Mark De Rosa from Texas to play second base. The Cubs just did a deal with the WHITE SOXS to send a struggling reliever for another struggling reliever. GOOD MOVE- Yikes. The Cubs moves.... were all bad moves. The reason being: Wood Injury-prone, Aramis- unmotivated, De Rosa-Best year was last year. The Cubs are spending money but on the wrong players. They should have let Aramis and Kerry go, and not signed De Rosa, and not hired LOU Pinella for that matter. They are not a contender, but they are spending money like a contender would.

More Bad signings awaits the Cubs because I understand they are looking at JD Drew. JD DREW is a five tool player when he is healthy, which is not very often. He wants 56 million, sorry the Cubs do not need another injury-prone player, we have enough as it is.

Pitching, the Cubs are going to try and have 6 proven starters this year, with nobody counting on Mark Prior-myself included. Maybe the Cubs have finally learned not to bet on Prior and Wood anymore. Wade Miller is considered one of those starter which is in my view is wishful thinking. His velocity has not recovered from his shoulder surgery, so he is worthless as well. Gil Meche is also on the Cubs radar because of his ties to Lou Pinella. Gil is like every player the Cubs are eyeing or signing INJURY-PRONE. If you could win the World Series by having the best team on the DL(Disabled List) the Cubs would win every year!!!

Another offseason the Cubs spend in the hopes of winning the World Series, Big Lou you wanted money spent, was it spent wisely???

Sunday, November 12, 2006

BCS shakeup and Lack of Consistence in the NFL

The BCS has a major shakeup this weekend, the upstart Louisville LOSES to Rutgers. Rutgers were the biggest underdog against Louisville. Louisville coming off that huge victory over West Virginia. Everyone thought the Big East was a joke in football(including me), West Virginia, Louisville and now Rutgers have proved everyone wrong. Rutgers defeated #3 Louisville, but that was not the only top ten ranked team to fall. #4 Texas #5 Auburn both fall to unranked teams, Florida barely escaped this weekend at #6. With the losses of Texas and Auburn couples with their win Rutgers jumped up to #6 giving them BCS title hopes.

Other benefactors of 3,45, losing Florida, USC, and ND. Florida is 4 now, ND is 5 now, and USC goes from 7 to 3. I personally hope the ND defeats USC and makes a run at the BCS title game. If Rutgers beats West Virginia, puts them in position to play in the BCS title game. NO REMATCH GAME OSU Michigan should be seen one time!!

Atlanta loses to Cleveland and Detroit consecutive weeks?? Houston beats the JAGS twice?? The Pats lose to the JETS?? Indy wins again but 1pt over Buffalo?? The NFL is a guessing game every week this season, with the "good" teams losing to bad teams more frequently than ever in my mind. Is their any dominate teams anymore??? The Colts might be the closest to it because of their record but they are flawed on defense. Who knows who will win the SUPERBOWL this year. My pick is a homer one by picking the BEARS who rebounded tonight.

The Bears lose to the Dolphins for their first loss and everyone anoints the Giants the NFC champs now. The Bears then go out behind strong QB play of Rex Grossman and the rest of the team and they win by 18 pts. Devin Hester needs to get the ball more on offense, the guy is FAST!!! Plaxico Burress needs to learn to keep his mouth shut, corners are average maybe but he was average with 4 catches and 48 yards. Bears 38-20! Enough said

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Game time

I forgot to write about this or it slipped my mind. My brother, well he almost is my brother, Chris"Big Boy" Mehring finally took the field for Iowa State this past weekend, in a blowout loss to Kansas. This is a big event in his life, although he will be modest about it.

In highschool, he played for the Richard Bulldogs as a middle linebacker, breaking bones of his own teammates during practice. Richards went to the state finals his junior year, they got destroyed by Providence. His senior year in the playoffs, he was injured on the first play in the quarter finals. He tweaked his hamstring and the trainer would not let him return. Upon graduating from Richards(Dwade went there also) Chris went to ISU. He did not tryout his first semester, but waited to the spring to tryout. The coaches told him he was too small but if he got bigger they would take him next fall. He worked hard and got bigger that summer. That next fall he tried out and made the team. He was on the practice squad that season. Good thing he made it too because they got rid of walk on's the next year.

In first game play against Kansas, he made on tackle on his one play.... sounds like Rudy to me!!
I am ashamed that I have never been to game, they will change next year.

Congrats on playing chris

Monday, November 06, 2006

Contenders, Pretenders and Doomed

Is any team in the NFL besides the undefeated Colts make a case to win the superbowl??The NFL has been filling with underdog upsets this year and made me wonder, who is a contender and who is a pretender? So i have decide to name off who i believe to be contender and pretender in the NFL.


Colts- Duh 8-0 beats New EngLand in Foxboro. Manning should win the MVP this year but he will have strong case from Drew Brees.

Saints- After a bad loss to the Ravens at home, they respond and beat a Bucs team who has been a hit or miss team all year. Drew Brees is come back player of the year.

Bears- Even with the loss to Dolphins they still have the best record in the NFC. The next few weeks are gonna prove if they are for real or not. Injuries and inconsistent play of Rex Grossman could hinder them from staying contenders.

Pats- Even though Brady did his Best Rex Grossman this past week, they are still a well coached team and have a great Quarterback.

Denver- There Defense will keep them in games but can their offense win games? They beat the steelers in a shootout, can they win more games like that?

Giants- Eli and Tiki are getting good production and ever since that comeback win at Philly they have played good football. Strahan being out will hurt them but can they overcome it? Will they feel pressured to win for Tiki?


Atlanta- They win two games with Vick passing like a "Quarterback" and then go out and lose to the LIONS!!! Who are they fooling?? NOT ME!!

Seahawks- Where is there defense that went to the Superbowl?? There defense hasn't played like last year and they supposely got better in the offseason. Yikes!! The injury bug has bite them hard as well and they will not return to the Superbowl this year.

Dallas- Tony Romo, T.O., Vander-JACKASS, the Tuna, means OVERRATED!! This team is going to be hot and cold all year. With the O-Line playing poorly, T.O being a head case, Romo's inexperiences, Vander-JACKASS's comments and the Tuna not being the Tuna anymore is the reason they will go down in flames this year!

Carolina- A tendy superbowl pick by SI and everyone on ESPN, they are a pretender. They beat Cincy and they lose to Dallas. Steve Smith feels that he is not being used right. 4-4 record does not help their cause.

Bengals- Ocho STINKO needs to catch the ball and score- enough said!

Jags- beat Pittsburg, almost beat Indy, Lose to Texans.. NOT GOOD!!

Not much to say but they are REALLY bad:

Packers- improving but no chance
Raiders- Offensive cordinator ran a bed in breakfast for the last 5 years, enough said
Arizona- They are what we thought they were OVERRATED
Texans- Progressing but still ways away
Redskins- Spend the most money and DO NOT get any results.... good job Daniel Synder

That's it

Thursday, November 02, 2006

The MWC Cross-Country Championship 2006

I have been mulling over for almost a week now on what to write. I am finally came to my decision so here goes. Last year at the end of 2005 Cross Country Grinnell College had once again come out of MWC as conference champions. Grinnell's has been champion on the Men's side for the last 10 years. In 2005 The Monmouth College fighting Scots had come within an eyelash of beating Grinnell, that was a great feat in itself. The fact that Monmouth had lost their number one runner to a non-running injury made it more special. Monmouth lost to Grinnell by 9 points, I being a member of the team felt a sense of loss. My four years had come and gone in the blink of an eye. Ever Since I was freshmen the goal had always been beat Grinnell. In my four years we finished 2nd three times, but only the last two years getting closer to beating the Grinnell. I knew once they announced who had won in 2005, that next year would be Monmouth's year. A close friend of mine and I decided that next year where ever the meet was at, we would be there. We wanted to see the day that Grinnell goes down.

October 28th 2006
The stage was set, Monmouth was finally stronger than Grinnell were. Monmouth had more depth in our top 5, and we had unvailed our secret weapon last year's number one runner running again. He was not his former self and may never return to his national champion form, but he was still better that most guys in our league. Everything was right in Monmouth's world. Monmouth was ready, the race started and Monmouth didn't look there best that day. Grinnell had put two guys in front of our number one runner. We did have a strong middle pack but could that make up for their low score at the top. I knew it was going be close. The scores were too close to count by hand. It was unclear if Monmouth had won or Grinnell had won. When the finals results were given to us, the race had ended in a TIE!! A TIE!! NCAA rules say that if a race is tied after 5 runners you go to 6th runner. Well the Midwest Conference, had there own rules that if it was tied after 5 runners, that the race would be a tie. If the race was under NCAA rules Monmouth would have won the race outright because their 6th runner crushed Grinnell. Outrage came from Monmouth runners because of the ruling. Monmouth had earned a share of the Conference Title.

My thoughts are this, Monmouth missed their chance to unseat Grinnell. They did win the Conference title which is special and should be celebrated by the team and college. Feeling of joy should be felt by Monmouth Runners past and present; especially those who raced Grinnell and lost. Fellings of angst and outrage shouldn't be directed at conference; because if they beat Grinnell through 5 runners, then rule doesn't matter. One place by one guy on either side and the race is a different story. Grinnell felt relieved and Monmouth felt cheated. Being a year older, I comprehend what Monmouth is feeling but I also comprehend what they should be feeling. What is lost on the side of the Monmouth runners is that there might not be another chance for Monmouth to beat Grinnell in the near future. For four years Monmouth's program had been building to this point. Monmouth had finally gotten to the TOP of the Midwest Conference only to have to share the view. One runner one place higher.... that's how close they came to knocking Grinnell off. I hope that in the near future my thoughts are proven wrong and Monmouth returns to the top of MWC ALONE.

Congrats to the 2006 Monmouth College Mens Cross Country team.
2006 Conference Co-Champions