This is a blog, where I share my thoughts on the world of sports. I grew up near Chicago, so most of my topics will mainly focus on Chicago based sports teams.

Saturday, September 29, 2007


The Cubs clinched their first division title since 2003. It is fitting that the Florida Marlins, the 2003 spoiler would play a role in trying to thwart the Cubs post season hopes. With their win over the REDS and the Brewers lose, the Cubs put a fitting end to a roller coaster season.

The Cubs will now play the D-backs, who to everyone surprise won 90 games this year. The D-backs are contrast to the Cubs. The D-backs are built on speed, bullpen pitching, and superstar less team. The D-backs have home grown players such as Conor Jackson, Chad Tracy, Brandon Webb, and Steven Drew. The homegrown players are the reason the D-backs made the playoffs this season. They were not favored to win their division, the critics expected the D-Backs to finish behind the Padres and the Dodgers. Both the Padres and Dodgers get to watch the D-Backs and Rockies play in the postseason.

In contrast to the Cubs that are built on starting pitching, star power, and the home runs. The Cubs used the mega-bucks from the Tribune company to build a playoff contender. The Cubs went out and bought two new starting pitchers, and the best hitter in the free agent market. They were favored to win their division, The Cubs had to overcome the Brewers to win the division.

Two different teams square off in the Bank one ball park
See ya Wednesday

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Quarterback of the future?

With Rex out of the picture, The Bears must again address issue of the franchise quarterback. We all know that Brian Griese is not our franchise quarterback. Brian Griese is a BAND-AID or filler for the Bears Quarterback position. The Bears must now think on how to address this issue. Do they pursue a Quarterback via free agency? Do they trade for a veteran such as Donovan McNabb(Chicago Native)? Do they look to the trade? Do they consider doing two out of three options I have listed? Whether it be to sign a free agent QB and draft a late round QB or trade for QB and then draft QB?

My vote on the subject is to trade for McNabb and draft a QB. With McNabb the Bears would be the favorite the Superbowl next season. He is great quarterback when healthy. He would not be scrutinized as much in Chicago. He would be a huge upgrade over any QB currently on the roster. I think also he would bring a superstar status to a starless offense. He does not have to run as much in years past and could be effective in Ron Turners scheme. The Bears could then draft a Quarterback in the third round hope they luck into a Matt Schaub.

This Bears team is built to win NOW. The Bears cannot wait for a first round rookie QB to be ready play. The defense is a championship level for now and should be for the near future. In the coming years, free agency is going to hurt the Bears chance of being contender with the impending losses of Mike Brown (they are going to cut Brown) and Lance Briggs. A veteran QB and a young one to develop would be a great fit for the future.

It's official... Griese to start Sunday

Today, it was officially announced by Lovie Smith that Brian Griese will be this Sunday starting Quarterback. Bears fans are overjoyed by the fact that Griese is starting over Grossman. Bears are excited in the fact that Griese will do the "little" things correctly. Griese will not fumble the snap from center and he will not throw into triple coverage. Will Griese throw interceptions? Yes, it is a part of the game of football. He will ,however, minimizes his mistakes, make better reads, and keep the Bears in games.

With Griese getting this Sunday's start, It appears Rex Grossman is no longer in the Bears future . After this season, Rex Grossman will begin his journey as a career backup, and join the ranks of Trent Dilfer and Joey Harrington . He will also join Shane Matthews and Danny Wuerffel as Florida QB's who did not cut it in the NFL.

I feel bad for Rex Grossman. I really wanted him to be our guy here in Chicago. I was overjoyed when the Bears got him 4 years ago. I was hoping he would prove the stereotype that Suppier Gator QB do not make it in the NFL. I was heart broken when every time he got injured. I was very excited when he replaced Kyle Orton in 2005. I was excited when he played well in 2006 and heart broken after the SuperBowl. It looked like in the playoffs minus the Superbowl, Rex had turned the corner. Who knew it would be in the wrong direction. I wanted the best for REX.

It is appears we will both have to move on..

Monday, September 24, 2007

Usher in the Griese ERA

Rex Grossman sealed his own fate with his poor performance on Sunday night football. Rex Grossman has been awful this season, throwing 1 touchdown and 6 interceptions this season. Rex is not the only problem on offense, but he seems to draw the most attention. Rex handles the ball on every play and that is why people in the media are hammering him.

I am going to join the list of people hammering Rex Grossman. My faith in Rex Grossman is GONE! The biggest Rex Grossman supporter Lovie Smith, maybe also be losing faith. In Lovie's, press conference today, He added to his trademark line... REX is quarterback... We have to look at the film. The film should tell Lovie this, the Bears need to make a change. It is time to turn the offense over to Brian Griese.

Brian Griese has waited patiently for two seasons to get his chance to start. This season Griese SHOULD get a chance to start this season. Griese is a veteran, who will not make the stupid mental mistake that Grossman makes. The last time Griese was a starter with Tampa Bay, he was 4-0 before a knee injury. Griese also gives the Bears a veteran presence in the offensive huddle.

Lovie's new line should be..IT IS TIME FOR A CHANGE!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

What are the Bears excuses?

Tonight, The Dallas Cowboys marched into Solider field and destroyed the Bears. TO ran all over the Bears, making Bears fan relive visions of 2005 and Steve Smith. Tony Romo did his best surgeon impression, by slicing up the Bears defense all night. Marian Barber put the nails in the coffin with his smash mouth running style. This was a Bears team who thought they were the team to beat in the NFC. The Cowboys apparently did not get the memo.

There were not many positives to take from tonights game. The Bears defense played tough in the first half and held the Cowboys to three points. Special teams blocked a field goal attempt and Rex Grossman engineered one long touchdown drive. Aside from the touchdown drive, all these plays were made in the first half.

The Bears are turnover happy this season with Rex adding three more interception to vastly growing number. While Cedric Benson continues to lay the ball on the ground. The defense was not without its flaws, which mainly occured in the second half by blowing tackle after tackle. The defense not only took hits on the scoreboard, they also took hits to their personel. Lance Briggs did not play in the second half, Vasher had to leave the game, and Tommie Harris was shaken up.

Special teams which is usually the best in the league looked awful tonight as well. Devin Hester best plays tonight, were when he motioned to the crowd with his arms. Hester also laid the ball on the ground twice tonight. I thought the Bears caused the most turnovers in the league. It appears their confused on that issue also.

My question to you... What do the Bears do now?
They are tied for last in the NFC north. There Quarterback has regressed since last season, there running game cannot get on track and their defense is injury riddled.

Most Bears fans were not worried after they lost to San Diego in Week 1. Last I looked the Packers defeated the Chargers today and the Bears had the same record as the Chargers.

I am a Bears..I am also worried!

The Pack is back!

If you have read this blog, you would know that I am a DIE HARD Bears fan. It pains me to write this ,but the Green Bay Packers appear to be back! Brett Farve, Packer Quarterback, threw for 421 yards and three touchdowns to lead the Packers over the San Diego Chargers. This is the third victory in a row for the Pack. Their young defense and an inspired Favre are the driving force behind this winning streak. These victories are not against teams who were sub 500 last season. All three victories have come against playoff teams from last season( Eagles, Giants and Now Chargers).

It was two years ago when the Packers were an awful 4-12. Brett Farve lead the league in interceptions and the team looked to be in disarray. Coach Mike McCarthy had the tough task of rebuilding the Packers. The rebuilding process would take shorter than expected. Last season the Packers were 8-8 on the season and had playoff hopes. The Packers ended thier season on a positive note crushing the Bears at Solider field. Brett would decide after the Bears game whether to continue playing or retire.

Packer fans held their collective breath as Favre considered retirement. After watching his post-game interview, I thought Brett would call it a career. All of Wisconsin was overjoyed when Favre announced he would return. With his return this season, Brett has rewarded the Packer faithful with an 3-0 start.

Favre has all of Wisconsin smiling once again on Sundays.

Sunday, September 16, 2007


I got ready to watch the Bears game today. I flipped to CBS, the end of the Indy vs Titans game was on. That game ended at about 3:00pm central time. CBS's coverage switched to the Cleveland vs Cincy game. I thought to myself okay, CBS will switch to the Bears game at 3:15. I watch my clock it ticks to 3:15 and still no switch. THERE IS 3:39 left in the Cleveland vs Cincy game, When the awful CBS broadcast team announces that CBS will go to the Bears game after this game ends.

ARE YOU SERIOUS!!??!?!?!?!? I flipped out!! I was screaming and yelling at my TV. I thought at first it was CBS around here(I am enrolled at a graduate school in the western part of the state). I called a friend of mine who lived closer to Chicago but still not in the Chicago land area. CBS was still showing the Cleveland vs Cincy game. WE were IRATE!!! The game is in OHIO not Illinois!!! If the game was a regional game such as a RAMS game, I could understand not going to the game right away. We missed the whole first quarter of the Bears game to watch Garbage time in Cleveland vs Cincy game. This is the Second week in a row, that Bears fans have been SCREWED by networks carrying the Bears!

I hate CBS coverage of Bears games!!!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Duo sucks- Bring back JONES

The Bears made a bold move this offseason, they traded their leading rusher Thomas Jones away for (after all that draft trading) 2 third round picks. The Bears placed their faith in Cedric Benson and Adrian Peterson(not the Vikes Peterson). We heard all offseason Cedric and Adrian would be able to carry the load. The Bears even drafted change of pace running back Garret Wolfe to help the running game.

In the preseason, The Bears running game failed to get on track. Everyone in the Bears organization was not worried. It is the preseason and the starters don't get enough repetition. Everyone was enthralled with the hit Cedric Benson laid on that Titans safety in the preseason. The growing trend coming out of the preseason was that Bears were not running the ball well.

The trend has continued right into the regular season. The Bears running game could not only not get on track but they COULD HOLD onto the BALL. The duo of Benson and Peterson each loss a fumble and both resulted San Diego scores.

The Bears running back better hold on to the ball for this team to have any success. They helped lose a very winnable game. Rex Grossman did not lose this one. The Running backs did!