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Wednesday, June 27, 2007


This blog will not be about the game show on NBC with the same name. This blog is about Mark Buehrle and Jacques Jones.

The latest on Mark Buehrle is that the Red Sox are out of the bidding. A team that could re-enter the bidding for Mark Buehrle is the White Soxs. The word out of the south side is that Sox could bend there rule of not signing pitchers more than 3-years. This deal would go against everything that has come out of Kenny Williams. If the Sox do not move Mark Buerhle, they lose their biggest chip in the trade market. Trading Mark Buehrle is there chance to try and restock their weak farm system.

The other side of the coin is if the Sox resign Mark Buehrle, they sign a proven winner, innings eater, Slump stopper, and the FACE of the White Soxs. This deal should get done, if not the Sox will be awful for years to come. Mark Buehrle and Jon Garland would be the 1-2 punch for the Sox for years to come.

The other deal that did not HAPPEN is Jacques Jones being traded to the Marlins. This deal was Jones for some minor league prospect. The deal essentially was a player dump, the Cubs would have to eat all of Jacques money (5.6 million out of 6million). The Marlins got greedy and wanted the Cubs to eat more of the contract.

A radio show in Chicago floated the rumor that Sam ZEAL, the soon to be new owner of the Tribune Company, nixed the deal because of the money the Cubs would have to eat. I doubt this rumor being true because SAM is going to pay BILLIONS for the Tribune Company. 6 millions dollars is chump change to this guy. I hope the sale of the Cubs does not hinder the Cubs in resigning Carlos Zambrano.

The Big Z deal is for another blog....


Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Bad news Bears

The Bears finally Waived "Tank" Johnson. Tank drew his last straw with the Bears. He was arrested for a DUI several nights ago in Arizona. He was speeding (40mph in a 25mph speed zone) at 3:30 in the morning.

Tank was not a model citizen during his tenure with the Bears. After spending 60 days in jail for a probation violation, Tank screwed up again. Tank has been in the headlines for weapons charges, household maintenance, and the death of his friend. The Bears decided his antics off the field was not worth the reward on the field.

I also think the Bears got what the deserved. Tank had character issues coming out of college, but the Bears still took a chance on this guy. The Bears did not address the position well enough in the off season just in case Tank did not come back. The Bears now have to pay for there faith in TANK.

I personally think Tank should have been released LAST SEASON. This guy was a headache during their Super Bowl Season. The Bears had to answer questions about Tank off the field instead of focusing on the season. The TANK drama which could have been avoided this season if TANK would been released last season. Now Tank release adds to the DRAMA that is the Bears off season.

Don't be surprised if the defense is not close to what it was last season. Tank is gone and Briggs is as good as gone. Two major players in the Bears defensive success last season.

The Bears did do something positive yesterday re-signing Nathan Vasher. This raises another set of question what about Charles Tillman. Some more drama for a Bears drama filled off season.


Monday, June 25, 2007

Broom will SWEEP some SOX out of town.

First off, I would like people to mourn the death of "Shooter" Rod Beck. Rod Beck was the closer for the Cubs during their 1998 wild card season. Shooter saved 50 games that season. Shooter was with the Iowa Cubs some years back, living in a trailer and drinking beers with fans after the game. Cubs fans will always remember shooter!

The Cubs swept the White Sox for the first time in the history of inter league play. Kenny Williams states their will be changes to Sox. Now in this blog I will play Kenny Williams, making my own trades with White Sox players. I will not do anything that Kenny wouldn't do, meaning I would not sign Buerhle to a five year deal because Kenny wouldn't do it. I would do things that Kenny would do.


First off Mark Buerhle is going to be traded. It is just a question of who is going to get him.
I have read that Mark Buerhle will be traded to the Red Sox. The Red Sox will not give up Jon Lester for Buerhle, so I don't know who the White Soxs will get for Buerhle.

If I were to trade Mark Buerhle , I would trade Mark to the Mets. The reason I would trade Mark Buerhle to the Mets is because the Mets have the most to offer. The Soxs could get Lastings Milledge-outfielder and a pitcher Mike Pelfrey for Buerhle. This would be best deal for the White Soxs because Lasting and Mike both have major league experience with the Mets. They would fill one hole in outfield that Soxs have and would give them a cheap starter for their rotation. I might also look at the Tampa Bay Devils RAYS. The D-RAYS makes sense because of their need for starting pitching and their abundance of outfielders. THIS IS A LONG SHOT!

The next move that I would make is Jermaine Dye to the Angels. The reason I would make this deal is because the Angels NEED a Jermaine Dye to protect Vladimir Guerrero . The Angels have a great farm system. Howie Kendrick and Casey Kotchman's play this season proves their farm system works. The only hitch with this deal is their GM. Bill Stoneman is reluctant to part with prospects.

I might move a Jose Contreras to a contending team and get his money off the books. If you trade another starter besides Buerhle, KENNY HAS TO SIGN GARLAND. Garland will be offered another three year deal from the Sox.

Those are the major moves that I would make. I would also move AJ. Pierzynski, Scott Podsednik, Iguchi, and if someone will take anyone other than Bobby Jenks from that BULLPEN. I would take prospects from any level for all these players. I would then promote Gavin Floyd and Charlie Haeger to see if they can pitch in the majors.

Kenny Williams has a tough job ahead of him. Kenny good luck in your fire sale.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Jump for JOY???

Last night, I watched the shuttle and the space station orbit the Earth. It was very interesting to see something like that. I did not watch the Cubs game last night because I was upset with the Cubs for trading Michael Barrett. I also must confess my girlfriend was at my house and she doesn't like to watch the Cubs on TV. I missed Sammy Sosa do his little hop for his 600th home run. I have heard that the Rangers fans cheers like they had witnessed all 600 home runs. I think that the Rangers just have nothing to cheer about anymore because their team is AWFUL. They however did beat the Cubs last night.

Sammy is now in very elite company becoming NUMBER 5 on the all time home run list and the 5th guy ever to hit 600. I doubt many Chicagoans were jumping for JOY. Now that Sammy hit 600, will he get into the hall of fame? If he does will he go in as a CUB? Those are some questions to ponder.

The Cubs made some other headlines by trading Michael Barrett to the San Diego Padres. They got two no-name players in the deal. Rob Bowen is the centerpiece of the deal and he is a career backup catcher. Now we hear that ROB is no better defensively than Michael Barrett. I think the Cubs lost in this deal and just ran a guy out of town for a reason that is hidden behind the scenes.

The deal should have included JOSH BARD from the Padres. Josh Bard is a above average catcher and can hit! He is the everyday catcher for the Padres right now. The Padres lucked in getting Bard when the RED SOX needed Doug Mirabeli back to catch Wakefield. It was Bard for Mirabeli in that trade. If the Cubs would have gotten Bard the catcher problem would have been solved for a long time to come. Now we are stuck with Koye Hill and Rob Bowen.

I also heard on talk radio that Jacques Jones was supposed to be included in the deal but the Padres nixed that idea. DUH!!! NOBODY WANTS JONES, HE IS A BUM!!

We shall see if the deal works out in the long run. We can expect more trades to come in the future from Chicago. These trades will come out of the SOUTH SIDE!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Will Sammy Go Whammy against the Cubs?

The Cubs play the Rangers tonight in Texas. This is the first time in two years that the Cubs and Sammy Sosa have crossed paths since their messy divorce. The messy divorce ended with the Cubs sending Sammy to Baltimore for Jerry Hairston jr. and a throw in pick which happened to be Mike Fontenot.

Sammy has a chance to hit his historic 600th homerun against his former team. This would be ironic, that Sammy could hit number 600 against the Cubs instead of it for the Cubs. The Cubs and Sammy seemed like they would be together until Sammy retired. When Sammy walked out on the last game of the 2004 season, he walked out of the Cubs organization hearts and minds.

After the walkout in 2004, the Cubs have washed their hands of Sammy. Sammy has the most home runs in Cubs history and hit number 500 in a Cubs uniform. IT IS SAD, that the Cubs want nothing to do with Sammy. A couple of years ago, Fans could elect the greatest player in their teams history. THE CUBS did not even put Sammy on the ballot. The Cubs organization feel that wronged by the Guy who carried their franchise for the 90's.

Sammy could get some measure of revenge by hitting his historic home run against the Cubs. I hope it does not happen in this series. I hope Sammy hits his home run in Chicago against the SOXS.


Friday, June 15, 2007

Dynasty?? Thank god the NBA finals is over

I am overjoyed that the NBA finals are over. This series was a JOKE! LeBron James was over matched by Tony Parker, Tim Duncan, and the rest of the Spurs. LeBron is NOT-JORDAN or even close to a Jordan impostor. This series was AWFUL! Radio broadcasters would got paid to watch this series, stated "It was hard to watch!" The NBA needs to do something to improve the Finals because right now their FINALS SUCK! ESPN now can show something besides Tim Legler and Greg Anthony all day thank god! PHEW ( I can calm down now) I shall get to the real purpose of this blog.

Are the SPURS a Dynasty?

I have a bias belief having grown up loving the Bulls during their 6 titles. I do not feel that the Spurs are dynasty for the following reasons. The 4 titles in 9 years for the Spurs means their a great team, but a not Dynasty! Dynasty are teams that dominate decades and win multiples titles for a long period of time. The Bulls of the 90's won 6 in 8 years, if the team would have stayed together I have no doubt it would have been 10 in 10 years. The Celtics Won 10 NBA titles in 11 years. The Bulls 0f the 90's and the Celtics teams of the 60's were Dynasties.

During the Spurs "Dynasty", the Lakers won three NBA titles, the Heat won one and so did the Pistons. Too many other teams won during the Spurs Dynasty to consider their championship run a Dynasty. Also the SPURS never WENT BACK TO BACK! The SPURS never won two titles in a row! The Celtics won 10 in a row and the Bulls won three in a row twice!

Another point is that the Spurs did not even make the finals some years. The Heat beat the Mavs not the Spurs. The Pistons beat the Lakers. If the Lakers would have beat the Pistons, there would be no Spurs "dynasty". We would be talking about a Lakers Dynasty which would have been 4 titles in 5 years.

Who did the Spurs play? In 1999, they played the Knicks who were lead by Allen Houston Latrell Sprewell with no inside presence. In 2002-2003, they played the Nets would won at EASY Eastern Conference. In 2004-2005, They slugged it out with a GOOD but not great Pistons Team and this year beat a young LeBron James.

The Spurs are a great team but NOT A DYNASTY!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

A new Marhsall is in in Town

Last year, Sean Marshall made the Cubs straight out of spring training. He was very good in the Cactus league with an ERA near 0.00. Sean's Cactus league success did not translate to major league success. Sean was also plagued with hip and arm injuries. He had two extended stays on the DL last year.

We flash forward to this season. A few weeks ago(a guess) Sweet Lou floated the notion of placing Ryan Dempster in the rotation. The rotation was floundering and Lou wanted a change. Jim Hendry pleaded with Lou to not do that and recall Marshall instead. Marshall has been VERY GOOD this year. Marshall did not make the rotation out of spring training because of an arm injury. Marshall has given a quality start (6 inning and less than 3 runs) in all his 6 starts this season. Jim Hendry finally got a move right with the rotation.

Did you notice who was catching for Marshall last night? Koy Hill was catching last night and will be for the next few days. Barrett could be on his way out of town. The fight with Zambrano and discussion with Rich Hill has made Barrett a target for the media. According to a local radio host on ESPN 1000, Nobody wants Barrett to catch for them. If Barrett is to be run out of town, the Cubs would lose a bat and a leader of their team.

Remember just three years ago, this was Mr. Clutch and the leader of the Cubs. The Cubs then choked and lost the wild card. That was the last time the Cubs sniffed the playoffs. If Barrett is run out of town, could he please take Jacques Jones with him??

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

I'm back like BIG Z

So Once again I have drifted away from my blog here only to return with great ideas.
I begin with Chicago Baseball, one team is sinking and the other is making a move. The scary thing is both teams have the same record or close to it.

The White Soxs could not hit Sand if they fell out of camel in the Sahara desert right now. When they do hit, there bullpen blows the game for them, so either way the Sox just cannot win. The Wizard of OZ (Ozzie) is not looking to good right now. His comments in the media are worse and worse everyday. Poor Dorthy(Greg Walker- the hitting coach) will not be in Kansas much longer. The one thing Soxs fan can look forward to, is who they are gonna get in deals at the trade deal line. Buerhle will be dealt along with Dye, the question is can Wheeling and dealing Kenny Williams get something good in return. Joe Crede had back surgery yesterday, but the Soxs wanted Crede to have back surgery in the off season. This is more injury to insult for the Soxs.

Meanwhile on the North Side, The Cubs have been winning more games than the Soxs as of late. The Cubs did drop a heart-breaker to the Mariners. This week will be a test for the Cubs because the Mariners have been hot and the Padres come to town next. The Padres are not a slouch, so if the Cubs are gonna make up some ground on the struggling Brewers, they need to win now. The Cubs actually would like to be a buyer at the trade deadline, and Sell J. JONES!. That guy is a bum and should be traded for a towel or batting helmet. If Jones gets traded it makes Lou's life allot easier.

Micheal Barrett is not doing himself any favors. He had another confrontation with a starting pitcher, Rich Hill. Barrett did redeem himself by hitting the game tying single. Michael then tanked a catch that would have stopped a run from scoring. The throw was from puss arm Jones.

I finally have proof that Dusty played Neifi because he liked him. Last year, when Dusty Baker was playing Neifi Perez all the time, some Cubs fans wondered if Neifi was Dusty illegitimate son. I have proof now, during a highlight on Baseball tonight. Dusty recapped a Neifi highlight and Dusty calls Neifi "his boy".

More to come soon